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Cummins L10 Engine for Sale Used

L10 Cummins engines were first built in 1982. While there is now an ISL edition, most people ask for the original diesel block. The success in the commercial market catapulted the straight six as a go-to build. People shop on this website because they are trying to locate a good deal. All people have access to the Cummins L10 engine for sale used inventory at GDE.

L10 Motor Specs

The original diesel powered motor found its way into a multitude of vehicles. From buses to motor homes, the 8.3-liter early Cummins engine was in demand. The block is manufactured from a cast iron base. It is naturally water cooled unlike some other types. By the time the final L-series was produced, it had a 10L displacement.

The straight six is labeled as a 543 cubic inch displacement edition. Depending on when the block was built, it may have different horsepower. The factory specs are 250 hp to 400 hp. Most of the automotive applications in the 1980s featured the lower spectrum of horsepower.

Cummins did revamp the L10 diesel in the early 1990s. By making it compatible with natural gas, the ISL G motor was developed. It is still common to find both the M11 and alternative fuel models on the Internet for sale.

Last Year of L10 Production

The final year of mass production was 1998. Different technology has allowed further development of other styles of diesel motors. School buses, firetrucks and larger motor vehicles can have the old L-series or the modified versions. GotDieselEngines.com is able to provide a consumer with one or more options to swap.

Like most all of Cummins blocks, a turbocharger was included as an OEM feature. People did not have to install a third-party component. There were editions built that featured step timing control systems. The earlier units did not. A person searching on the web for any problems with a Cummins L10 engine will find nothing major.

Buy Used Cummins Motors with OEM Parts

A concern about original parts is natural. Sure, a truck owner can buy something on eBay. Unless a seller can prove a build is original, it is truly a crap shoot sometimes. GDE provides top condition preowned inventory from its USA headquarters. There are junk yards even in Canada that make purchases here.

A full price is given out when someone makes a quote request. This happens on this page or offline. The telephone system that is in place has excellent customer service staff. Validation of the VIN data, mileage and condition can happen by a phone call. There is always a discount off the MSRP given to our customer base.

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