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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used FE6TA Engine

The Nissan FE6TA is a 6.9L diesel engine produced in the 1990s. It was an expanded variant of the original 1980 FE6. With it huge 423 cubic inch displacement, this block was used in buses and other powerful vehicles. GotDieselEngines.com sells used Nissan FE6TA engine inventory all around the United States.

Like most Nissan truck motors, the 6.9-liter is an inline 6 build. This was partly to conserve fuel economy. The rival 8-cylinder units built by Cummins and other companies were still not comparable to the FE6TA when in operation. What is available here is in second hand condition and mileage is respectable.

Buying a Preowned Nissan Diesel

One thing that people check in online listings is mileage. Decent retailers either display the count or tell consumers at the time of ordering. One common problem with Craigslist or auction sellers is that listings are not truthful. Few people actually check what is being sold to them.

The used diesel engines from Nissan and other companies on sale here at GDE are verified. This means that a member of our team makes certain that condition and other things are known. Since we do buy a lot from junk yards, the diesel FE6TA motors that we find are usually in top condition.

24-Valve Intercooled Motor

The Zexel fuel injection was common on the FE6 series blocks. At a peak 225 horsepower, these units are powerful and people know it. The 2600 RPM speed is governed. This keeps bad things from happening at higher speeds. Most trucks or buses with a hydraulic clutch can accept the FE6TA used engines that are listed here.

The UD3000 is one example of a modern day truck that always used 6.9L or bigger motors. People ranging from owners of these vehicles to diesel mechanics purchase through our website. Expansion of our inventory does take place more than one time every month. This gives the best value to customers.

Buy Used Nissan Diesel Engines

GDE is a trusted company that treats the public right. Our staff only deals in non-gasoline blocks. We know our stuff. Since everything provided includes a warranty, there is no fear when swapping an old Nissan motor for a newer one. Our staff can discuss terms of coverage during each order.

Getting a quote is the very first thing that must be done before ordering. We use a price calculator on this page to do that. Buyers do have the ability to call into our warehouse too. Our technology is advanced. It is easy to get a cheap price using us.

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