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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used DT530 Engine for Sale

The DT530 is an International engine in 6-cylinder form. This block has an 8.7L displacement. It is a direct injection unit that is water cooled. The most common ways this motor is utilized is in larger trucks. Anyone can place orders for our used DT530 engine for sale right from this website.

DT530 Engine Specs

Revisions have taken place through the years that have altered the original factory specs. The horsepower used to be fixed at 275 hp although now it is listed as 330 hp. The late model versions have kept the inline 6-cylinder design, but compression has been improved. No one can deny that the split-shot injection has boosted the output and performance.

The 17:2:1 compression is massive and what people need. Through the upgraded air intake system, more torque is available up to 1200 RPM. The governed speed is around the 2200 RPM mark. The 8.7L DT530 motor that we have on sale is a second hand model.

Warranties for International Diesels

GotDieselEngines.com supplies inventory that still carries a warranty. When most people buy a new DT530 engine, the warranty is supposed to last for 150,000 miles. The source of which the purchase took place could change the warranty term. Since most secondary market parts come without coverage, we feel it is necessary to protect our customers.

The iron rocker arms, piston rings and other integral parts are included in our warranty plan. It is unrealistic to think that every one of the hundreds of parts will be fully OEM protected. We do judge the condition of every used diesel engine that makes it into our warehouse for retail sale.

High Duty Cycle DT530 Engines

It does not matter the interval that someone uses our motors. What matters is that the price is right. Obtaining a discount price for one of our International diesel engines for sale is really simple. Some people choose to use this website as a main source of research. What we supply is a quotation system.

Accessing the system can happen through any phone, tablet or regular computer. Our customer service department also accepts phone calls. We use our computers to research our inventory. We can also comparison shop through other retailers. This full service offering is hard to find in the United States. GDE stands behind its low price guarantee as well as fast shipping times.

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