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Used DT466 Engine International

The DT466 is a diesel engine used by International. It is now known as the Maxxforce DT. It quickly rose to fame in the year 1984. It is most commonly associated with use in big trucks and buses. The block is still in production although now an electronic fuel delivery system is utilized. GDE has a used DT466 engine ready for retail sale at a good price.

7.6L DT466 Specs

The top spectrum of the horsepower range was offered in the 7.6L. People received as high as 300 hp with a non-modified block. This was due to the way the turbo charger was designed. In the mid 1980s, International was still using the mechanical injection pumps. This changed in the 1990s to an electrical delivery.

The dry weight in regards to freight for the used 7.6L diesel engines that we sell is 1425 pounds. The level of compression is also quite large. A 16.4:1 ratio is found in the inline 6-cylinder. This turbo diesel build is a legend in the automotive industry.

International Trucks with DT466

There was a lot of confidence in the DT series motors. While more than one type was built, there were very few complaints. It is no easy task to unbolt a 7.6-liter and just drop another one under the hood.

The following vehicles use the diesel DT466 that we sell here:

– 7300
– 7400
– 4300
– Moving Trucks
– Buses

The RPM is pretty much fixed at 2200. There are third-party add-ons that can be installed, but we leave that to potential customers. A classic or modern day used Maxxforce DT engine can be ordered here very easily.

DT466 Warranty Plans Free of Charge

It is no easy task protecting factory parts. Shops around the world have closed, and components are getting harder to come by. We still put forth a warranty coverage policy that is given out a zero cost to our customers. This is the de facto plan that supplies a much longer duration than the typical eBay seller.

Prices for Used International Engines

We have established a simple way of providing prices to people who shop here. Through a quote procedure, we are able to determine the discounts that people will receive. Our company does not ask for customer information until the time of ordering. A shop owner, diesel mechanic, body shop rep or truck owner can get immediate price details from our warehouse.

Calling in by phone is easy too. Our team is friendly. Working hard means staying late sometimes and answering the phone. Let our associates calculate the cheapest DT466 used engine pricing by phone. People never regret ordering at GotDieselEngines.com.

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