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Used Cummins ISX12 for Sale

Technologies used in the ISX15 have helped to form the basis of the ISX12 Cummins motors. The powerful motors needed for work truck applications have been produced successfully by Cummins for decades. The hand-assembled components that appear in the ISX series help to guarantee construction quality. Buying used Cummins ISX12 for sale through Got Diesel Engines is easy.

The popular 11.9 was replaced in the 2012 year by the ISX12. There were changes made to the on-board software controls and some hardware to make the new version an industry standard. As a mid-range highway rated motor, the ISX 12 Cummins is proven in torque and overall downshift quality used in Freightliner and other top trucks.

ISX12 Diesel Engine Specs Online

IGT turbos have been used inside the late model Cummins motors since the 2002 year. This provides a more improved fuel delivery system. The horsepower range is quite large and does provide enough variety for all types of work vehicles to benefit. A standard range of 310 to 425 horsepower is rated for the ISX12. These ratings do factor in the use of the governor that is rated at only 2100 RPM for the six-cylinder design.

ISX12 G is a different variant of the base model motors. These are gasoline motors that are some truck applications and other haulers in North America. The specs are quite different between these two models and could cause some confusion for a person ready to make an Internet purchase. The GotDieselEngines.com company provides either base or G series ISX motors for sale.

What to Know About ISX12 Cummins Motors

Buying a heavy-duty replacement motor does take a little research on behalf of a buyer. Locating a motor from a junkyard or other diesel engine resource does not meet that the engine will be compatible. Cummins motors are distributed to only a few suppliers in the U.S. auto and industrial markets. Making sure that the specs match up is an important step before buying a gasoline or turbo enabled Cummins motor.

The original factory warranty that is given to a buyer purchasing a brand new 12 series motor is 250,000 miles. This is due to the long-term usage that is expected over a 24-month period. The freight and fleet industries often require this larger warranty time frame to prevent unexpected deterioration. All preowned diesel engine purchases that do originate from this website offer a long range warranty after the initial Cummins term has expired.

Quotes for Used Cummins ISX Engines

Pricing any large format diesel or gasoline motor can introduce frustration. When a match is found on the Internet, some people have a reaction to immediately buy from a retailer. Once all of the important specs are known, the important data to understand is the price of a motor. The retail price for a new Cummins motor is often much different from the preowned inventory price tags featured on this resource.

A quote for a replacement motor in the ISX builds is easy to obtain while conducting searches on this website. There is a way to place orders by phone and there is also a way to view quotes in digital form. Selecting the make, model and year of every Cummins motor needed for replacement will always reveal the actual selling price to consumers relying on this national resource for buying a used replacement motor.