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Used Caterpillar C15 Engine for Sale

Industrial manufacturing is one area that Caterpillar excels in and quality in engines is one component that is constant. The C15 engine is one of the most common editions that is now used across many different machines. To find sale prices online, some consumers feel the need to shop at junkyards or auction resources. Finding a Caterpillar C15 engine for sale on this national resource will always result in a definitive sale price.

Where are Cat C15 engines used the most? The quick answer is in the agriculture industry due to the long standing partnerships with farmers in the U.S. The longer answer is that Cat motors are frequently found in most types of heavy-duty material handling. Part of the success that owners of C15 motors experience comes from the perfectly designed inline six block that provides the engine foundation of which long-term power is built upon.

Where to Find Cat C15 Engines Used in the U.S.

Because of good emissions standards, a Cat motor is often accepted into more industries compared to regular diesel motors in the vehicle industry. There are plenty of applications that use the C15 and other similar builds to maintain accessible power. Someone starting out with research on the Internet for used Cat engine information should know that Caterpillar assemblies can be located inside multiple machines.

Agricultural Machines
Trench Equipment
Oil Rigs
Grinding Machines
Irrigation Systems
Paving Machines

This list is not exhaustive when it comes to diesel motors in the manufacturing or service industry. Caterpillar is one of the brands that supply quality motors for a variety of industrial, automotive and agriculture settings. Before purchasing any Cat motor, it can be beneficial to review the specs from resellers.

C15 Caterpillar Engine Specs

Like most large scale diesel motors, a 2100 RPM rating is implied for standard usage. Some manufacturers govern the speed that a motor can provide to curb the risk of damage. The C15 is a four-cycle motor that boasts 15.2 displacement. These motors are aspirated using a turbo cooling system. The fuel systems are direct injected. The dry base weight of a Cat engine is usually 3239 pounds. This is important for a person who plans to ship a motor from an online source.

Buy Used Caterpillar Motors from a U.S. Source

Importing, marketing and wholesaling are included in the workload for retailers that sell 15.2 Cat engines on the Internet. Got Diesel Engines takes a different approach when motors are supplied to paying customers. The first change comes in the type of warranty that is supplied. There is a no charge extension for the parts coverage package that is granted with every engine order. The second change comes from the enlisted low prices found virtually using tools found on this page.

Spending money for a diesel engine is no light task. This is why great care is taken when delivering motor quotes. A person who wants an exact quote including the cost of applicable mailing charges can easily find detailed data when accessing the used diesel motor quotes system that has been developed for this website.