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TB42 Engine for Sale

The TB42 is an engine built by Nissan. It was the first of the TB series used in the Patrol vehicles. The mid-1980s SUVs were popular in Europe and in other countries. Since the first run, the very TB42 engine for sale that well sell on this page was used in other industries. GotDieselEngines.com has cheap prices available to all people who shop here.

Specs of the TB42 Motor

A 254 cubic inch displacement is offered in the 4.2L configuration. The early blocks were only overhead valve. These were first manufactured in 1987. Nissan changed its fuel systems in the 1990s when it added electronic controls.

The TB42E designation means that it has an electro-controlled fuel system on board. A separate TB42S is just the renamed version of the original overhead valve unit. All used Nissan diesel engines that are sold through this website are factory built OEM.

Warranties for Nissan Engines

From the very start, anything people buy here comes with a warranty. Want to make sure that people get needed coverage. The parts that are installed originally are usually protected under our policies. There are some exclusions, but these can be discussed if an order takes place.

The original four-speed transmission and five-speed transmission can be used in the automotive version of the used TB42 motors we sell. There is no need to make a change from the factory setup. People who drop one of our blocks into their vehicle are satisfied with the way it runs.

Replacement TB42 Nissan Motors

We buy from all sources in the United States. The junk yards and scrap dealers that procure what we resell are trusted. A thorough and complete inspection is always conducted. We do not sell motors that do not startup after these are dropped in. There can be many problems that go undetected with a diesel engine.

Since we try to have the best discounts, prices do rotate often. Our entire team spends a lot of valuable time to reduce the MSRP as much as we can. It is not just a simple as calculating the mileage. We take a number of things into consideration.

Instant Used Diesel Engine Prices

The same database we use when people call us by phone is available to use here. A VIN number is certainly helpful to have although we can quote prices without one. We just need to make certain we have the right stock on hand. Use our web quote computer or give us a call. Let our staff impress you with our more than fair sticker prices.

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