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T444E Used Engine

T444E is one type of used engine by International that is for sale on this website. Some people call it the Ford Powerstroke diesel. It is in fact what laid the ground work for the 7.3 liter development. It is a block known for being exceptionally reliable. When you go to swap your direct injection motor, you can buy a T444E used engine from us cheap.

Specs of the T444E Diesel

The size is a V8. It was manufactured for a total of nine years in the United States. A lot of Ford F-Series trucks and vans were sold with this block inside. It also became popular for use in International buses. It is called the 444 because of its cubic inch displacement.

You can expect the minimum horsepower to be 210 in a used T444E engine. This level can be increased to around 275 with the right maintenance. The secondary market is a pretty reliable source to find a still working early Powerstroke diesel.

How Good it Runs

One word is often inserted to describe the 7.3 T444E motor. This word is ‘workhorse’ in most statements. You can literally beat the first edition blocks to death. Diesel fuel has a traditionally slow burn off any way. This does increase the MPG even in preowned versions.

Reports might be found through web forums that suggest problems with the International T444E engine. People talk about overheating, check engine lights coming on and leakage from the valves. Most of these are maintenance problems that can be remedied. It is not a fair representation of the used International diesel engines we sell.

Where You Can Install 7.3 Diesels

You do not have to own a Ford Motor Company product to install the early International or Navistar blocks. Modifications are a popular past time for many consumers. If you are searching for an easy drop in assembly, one of the following vehicles will be required:


As for dependability, the warranty coverage GotDieselEngines.com provides will take care of you. It is all together different here compared with the service level you get from an auction site. We are real people with a passion for diesel powered automobiles.

Buy T444E International Engines

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