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Ram 4500 Diesel Engines for Sale

Ram Tradesman is the trim model for most 4500 series trucks. Buying Ram 4500 diesel engines for sale is possible while saving money. The Cummins motors are a fixed feature in most modern day trucks produced by Chrysler. The workload that these editions provide to truck owners helps in a variety of applications. A person interested in buying a replacement diesel for a Ram truck will find the exact motors needed on this website.

The 6.7 turbo diesel is the unit that is featured in most Tradesman trucks. These editions are meant for commercial or heavy-duty usage. Most tow trucks and work vehicles in the Dodge brand are 4500 or higher nameplates. The towing capacity of 24,650 provides plenty of torque and remains evident in the used diesel motors for Ram trucks distributed at Got Diesel Engines.

Specs for 6.7 Ram 4500 Diesel Motors in Used Condition

There are 408 cubic inches in the entire block of the 6.7. This provides a higher than standard compression ratio. The current ratio in the standard edition Cummins builds is a 17:3:1. The valve train is an overhead design and provides four cylinders of turbocharged power. There are up to 12 quarts needed to refill the oil in the 6.7 Ram engines. The approximate weight range can be between 1050 and 1150 pounds. This data is important to know before shipping arrangements.

The first instance of the 6.7 provided 350 horsepower. The Tradesman Ram engines provide up to 385. The large nature of the 4500 series motors requires use of a manual transmission or automatic geared design. The fuel needed to operate these engines successfully used to be B5 and is now B20. This revised fuel types have improved the actual miles per gallon that a person can expect when buying these motors used and installing them.

Used Ram 4500 Engines Recalled and Corrected

There was a recall issued in 2007 for the first instance of the 6.7 turbo diesel. Issues with the O2 sensor in the engine lead to clogging and other problems. This problem was fixed in later builds. A person buying a recalled Ram engine should ask if the motors have been upgraded or not. There are sellers on eBay and through other sources likely selling recalled Dodge truck engines. All motors sourced through GotDieselEngines.com are evaluated builds ready for shipment.

How to Buy Used Ram 4500 Diesel Engines

A precise ordering and price review process exists for all users of this website. The Cummins-Ram connection is one that is hard to beat in the auto industry. The growth of third party suppliers has positioned the inventory that is now up for sale through this engine resource. A request for a price quote is a fast way that a person can review current used inventory pricing. A team of Cummins motor specialists also accept daily toll-free calls to distribute pricing and other engine data.