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Ram 3500 Diesel Engine for Sale

The 3500 series Ram trucks in the U.S. were introduced in the 1993 year. Chrysler made changes to its Dodge brand to promote larger diesel motors for use in consumer accessible trucks. The pairing of Cummins motors provided heavy-duty power outside of the commercial vehicles industry. Locating Ram 3500 diesel engine for sale inventory is easy using this preowned motors website online.

The first installation for the Ram 3500 pickup trucks included the 5.9L engine. This motor arrived after successful use of the 3.9 and 5.2 gasoline editions. The 1994 entry into the auto market showcased the original 12-valve inline design. The base level 5.9 was eventually upgraded with 24-valves in the mid 1990 to take advantage of different regulations for emissions. These ISB motors remain popular as replacements by truck owners.

Ram 3500 Diesel Motor Specs for ISB Series

The base 5.9 motors provided an initial 175 horsepower for the first several years of production. This was later upgraded to 215 and units built after 2003 feature 350 horsepower. The inline design helped to open up more horsepower for truck owners. The 5.9L was upgraded to the ISB 6.7 for use in post 2007 Ram trucks. These motors provided more than 300 horsepower in the 3500 editions.

Fuel systems are an integral part of any motor assembly. The Bosch fuel technologies that are standard in the Cummins brand of motors has helped to maintain fuel economy for Dodge trucks. The compatibility of several gearbox types with Dodge based motors has revived interest in the diesel series. All manual and automatically controlled transmissions work well with the 5.9 and 6.7 ISB series engines in the U.S.

What to Know When Buying Ram 3500 Motors by Cummins

There are plenty of second hand resources to find a used motor. From auction companies to classified ad sellers, there is no real shortage of Ram diesel engines for sale. Taking steps to make sure that a selected retailer provides premium quality is a must. Got Diesel Engines is one of the known used Cummins dealers, but not every retailer is open about mileage and overall condition.

Ward’s Best Engines list has profiled the 3500 Cummins compatible motors in previous years. There are two types of motors to buy. The first is the base 12 or 24-valve editions. A high output edition was produced for a few years although not available in states like California. Knowing which edition is being sold by a retailer is helpful when making a decision to buy a replacement Cummins diesel engine.

How to Buy Ram 3500 Diesel Engines Online

There are no complications when browsing the inventory posted here for sale. A person who is not yet ready to buy can always review a sticker price first. A request must be made using the online price matching system on the top of this page. What happens next is a price quotation is delivered. This provides the most accurate portrayal of what a person really pays for a Cummins motor for a Dodge truck.

A toll-free phone system is also used as one final step to verify pricing or warranty terms. Every used Cummins diesel engine sold from this website includes the price of a warranty. The shipments that are arranged at the time of checkout offer a much faster delivery. Finding a cheap engine that meets or exceeds expectations will happen here. Paying too much for a used Ram diesel motor can happen elsewhere on the Internet.