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Ram 2500 Diesel Engines for Sale

The 2500 diesel trucks produced by Chrysler were upgraded in the 1994 year. Taking the place of the standard one-ton trucks was the goal of the 2500 pickups. Ram 2500 diesel engines for sale through this Got Diesel Engines website are always priced lower than junkyards or salvage dealerships. There is more than one type of diesel used in the 2500 Ram truck series.

The first motor placed into the 2500 Ram trucks was the 5.9L. This is a Cummins based engine that is turbo charged. The diesels provide an inline six-cylinder design. The installations of the 5.9L were used equally with the 2500 and 3500 series. Buying Cummins motors for Dodge trucks is a little easier when the facts are presented clearly to a person ready to buy online.

Ram 2500 Diesel Engine Specs and MPG

1998 was the year of change for the Ram. Several larger motors were introduced across the board in all trim styles. The standard 12-valve 5.9L was upgraded to a 24-valve design. This offered a cleaner engine that met the specs proposed for states like California that banned certain uses of diesel motors. The 12-valve Cummins provides a 175 horsepower or 215 horsepower depending on the initial year. The upgraded 1998 editions were 235 horsepower and 245 horsepower respectively.

Direct injection is standard on all Cummins engines and most motors showcase the Bosch fuel delivery system. The OHV design is common along with the inter-cooling of the motor. There are 12 quarts of oil needed for a person who changes out the oil in a 5.9L motor. The governor keeps the redline limit to 3200 on the standard 1998 builds. The standard and high output Ram motors are offered for sale on this page.

What to Know Before Buying 5.9L Cummins Ram 2500 Motors

The Ram series offers ISB technology. This is usually provided in 12-valve and 24-valve designs. The engines do not use a glow plug and rely on a heater grid grouped for starting. The original production run ended for the 5.9L series after 2009 and Ram trucks now feature the 6.7 rated at 350 horsepower. It is crucial that a buyer understands which version of the Cummins engines is available to ensure a correct placement in the truck series.

How to Buy 2500 Ram Diesel Engines for Sale Online

It all begins at GotDieselEngines.com with a quote in price. The massive diesel power that is represented in the company warehouse is always priced for consumers on demand. The ways to request a quote have been modified this year. The quote form is now an online staple of this website. Any used Ram engine for sale in the U.S. is easy to price and compare. No person goes without on this page when seeking pricing and full warranty documentation.