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Used Peugeot Diesel Engines For Sale

Peugeot Diesel Engines for Sale

We have Peugeot Diesel Engines for Sale!

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At GotDieselEngines.com we know that sometimes the part that you need is not very easy to find, for a variety of reasons. Maybe your car is an import, or perhaps they did not make too many models of your vehicle. However, our network of vendors can help you find your needed diesel engine. In the case of a Peugeot Diesel Engine, GotDieselEngines can help you find a vendor who can sell you this hard-to-find type of diesel engine at a fair price.


Peugeot has had a long history regarding the development of diesel engines in their automobiles. Peugeot, a French car manufacturer, was actually one of the manufacturers that was on the cutting edge of engine development when they introduced the first compact, high-speed diesel powered car, the Peugeot 204BD. This model sported 1.3 Liters in an XL4D model engine and was able to do 46 PS at 5,000 RPM. Although Diesel Engines have been in cars since the 1930’s, Peugeot did a lot to contribute to the popularity of diesel engines in cars. Their next contribution was in 1982, when they introduced the XUD diesel engine in 1982 in the Peugeot 205 model, the 305 model and the Talbot Horizon. By 1989, the Peugeot diesel engine had become a leader in mass-produced turbo diesel engines with several offerings, including the 1988 Citroën BX and the Peugeot 405 later in 1989. By the 2000’s, more than half of the European-made cars such as Peugeot were made with Diesel engines.


Your Peugeot engine will deliver high performance for you on the roadway. Because it has been mass-produced, engine parts will not be difficult to locate if you are located in Europe. Like most diesel engines, they can be difficult to start in cold weather. Combat this problem by ordering a glow plug from one of our salvage dealers.

GotDieselEngines.com is a service that has a network of vendors that provides you with quality engines for your Peugeot vehicle. Our locator will find the right engine at low prices.

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