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Used Nissan TB Engines for Sale

The TB series engines by Nissan were used first in 1987. A straight-six block was manufactured as an OHV model. The very first edition was known as the TB42. Changes were enacted a few years later that altered the fuel systems. Getting the best price for used Nissan TB engines for sale means shopping at GDE.

Before the switch to electronic controls, carburetors were the delivery system of choice. It was not until the year 1992 that Nissan trucks started to use electronic ignitions with the TB engine series. Any model number with an ‘E’ in the name is an electronically controlled motor.

Nissan DOHC and OHV Diesel

The overhead valve motor concept was starting to fade in the early 2000s. With rival automakers created variable timing builds, Nissan responded with its DOHC TB motor. The TB48DE was the first entry into utilizing newly programmed chips and timing controls. Things like vans, pickups and forklifts have all held TB engines built by Nissan.

Common displacements to find on blocks in used condition include:

– 4.2L
– 4.5L
– 4.8L

The specs will most likely vary between displacements. This is because of the automotive and industrial usage. The straight-six is very common although there are what is considered base model engines that are used in factories and other areas.

Warranties for TB Engine Blocks

GotDieselEngines.com always puts out a warranty plan that is shipped with every order. The terms do vary when things like mileage or block condition are considered. The good thing to know is that support is available after each sale has been processed. We let our customers know what OEM parts are on our warranty list and which ones are not.

There is no fee to take advantage of the Nissan diesel engine warranty program we offer. When it comes down to arranging delivery, we work with haulers and freight companies in North America. We ensure that all inventory gets safely to its destination.

Buy Second Hand Nissan Engines

Whether you need a TB42, TB45, TB48 TB56 or other unit, our inventory should be the first place to explore. Our staff spends a lot of time sorting through availabilities from scrap yards and secondary resources. It is our belief that we provide the best condition inventory at the lowest price tags possible.

Price quotes are generated right on this website. Take the time to go into our computer and look around. We are not collecting personal details about you. Our sole goal is to reduce the MSRP for every consumers. Call us by our toll-free number too. Any consumer in the U.S. or Canada can place orders using our system.

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