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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used Nissan K21 Engine

The K21 is used in Nissan forklift and pallet trucks. It is a small but powerful motor. The design is an inline 4-cylinder that is built to last. A brand new unit is hard to come by because these are imported into the United States. A cheaper option is to buy a used Nissan K21 engine from GotDieselEngines.com

To repair a defective unit, people look for engine kits. These are generic packs that offer a few spare parts. The problem with the kit method is that not all components in the package will fix the problem. The most common scenario is for someone to buy a used K21 block from a known source.

Japanese K21 Numbering

There are differences in model numbers for forklifts. Assemblies that were built in Japan are referred to as K21 engines. The numbering can be different for U.S. pallet trucks. Before ordering any inventory, it is best to check with our team to ensure the correct SKU number is available.

We sell used engines for industrial equipment. We also sell automotive blocks to all people. We do not hold back and just provide inventory to body shops or auto shop mechanics. There is no wholesale discounts or special deals. Each person is treated the same, and he or she gets the same MSRP with a discount.

Warranties for Nissan Engines

All of what is retailed at GDE is fully warranted. A specialty document details what we cover, what we fix and what we replace. There are few issues that we deal with year by year. If a problem takes place during operation, we do the very best to help our customers. It is easy to get in contact with us to find out what a warranty will and will not cover. All policies are free.

Deliveries for Nissan diesel engines from our company take place through common freight companies. We hire out the best drivers. It is hard enough to crate a motor properly. Our shipping team takes expert care in what we end up distributing in North America.

Buy K21 Motors Here Online

The K21, K25 and other units are in our warehouse. The fastest way to shop our website is to look inside our database. Every price, VIN number, stamp and other piece of data can be looked at. No log in needs to be made. It is a virtual terminal offered to everyone. Our staff takes customer service phone calls each day. We even have a toll-free number. We pay for the call just to help people shopping for a diesel motor online.

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