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N14 Cummins Engine for Sale

The N14 refers to a Cummins engine with an inline 6-cylinder build. It was offered as a Mercruiser model and 3/4 ton truck block. Produced stopped in 2001, but blocks are still available as second hand versions. GotDieselEngines.com provides used N14 Cummins engine for sale inventory daily on this website. From classic to newer editions, finding the right build is easy.

Celect and Celect Plus N14

The early versions were rated at 460 hp or higher with the Celect package. While electronic control was in its infancy, there were only so many transmissions that were compatible. In the early 1990s, Cummins changed to the Celect Plus system. This provided additional compatibility with late model gearboxes and other controls. The issuance of the ISX did not degrade the N-series popularity.

The 14L displacement of the N14 block is one of the largest in the diesel fleet. Because of its large size, it was useful for long-haul trucking and industrial applications. As a rule of thumb, a lot of mileage can be placed on the block. This is because of its detailed construction. It is not unheard of for a used N14 motor to have over 500,000 miles.

Warranty for Cummins Motors

Most inventory that a consumer can purchase on the second hand market includes a limited time warranty coverage plan. Depending on the retailer, price and availability can fluctuate. A typical coverage policy provides a 90-day protection time frame. This is usually just long enough for a problem to go undetected.

GDE has commitments and relationships with some of the top junkyards in North America. This not only provides quality inventory, but it extends warranty plans for all consumers. All used N14 diesel motors for sale on this website receive a specialized parts protection plan.

Buy N14 Diesel Engines Here

Bypassing resellers and middlemen offer the best pricing. Because we go direct, the very discounts that are typically withheld from consumers are passed to buyers here. Intelligent computer programming has led to the development of a quote option on this page. Any person who has a need to compare or evaluate the cost for a complete Cummins motor can do so online.

If this is not enough for a buyer, a phone call to the customer staff can be made. It is sometimes more helpful to speak with a real person about mileage or shipping costs. The toll-free number presented on this website is the direct line to a part specialist. We work for consumers everyday to fill voids in the auto parts industry.

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