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Mitsubishi Fuso Motors for Sale

Work trucks, buses, forklifts and industrial machinery make use of Mitsubishi Fuso motors in the U.S. The diesel technology that is found in these applications is reliable and is dependable. Trucks and buses have been built since 1932 with the Fuso nameplate. GotDieselEngines.com provides a definitive research portal for any used condition Mitsubishi brand engines online.

The most common applications for Fuso motors is in the placement of Canter work trucks and modern buses. The base level motors offer 6-cylinder designs although 8, 10 and 12-cylinder editions exist. There are builds in the Fuso lineup that are only meant for direct use in smaller industrial installations. No matter what the use required, a used unit is available for retail sale.

Review Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Specs

There are classes of motors used with the Fusio nameplate that designate the use. The most common found in lighter applications is the KE series. These engines offer more power than the standard gasoline manufactured units provide. There are several variants of the KE diesel motors. As displacements increase, the engine codes are changed to match the intended installation.

GotDieselEngines.com sells the following Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Types:


This range encompasses the fleet, cabover, industrial and bus lineup used in the global market. There are excavator, tractor, crane and generator motors that have been built with the same specs. This website is not limited to diesel automobile applications of used Fuso engines. A simple request system has been developed for any buyer to inquire about the sale price of the diesels in stock.

What to Know When Buying Used Mitsubishi Diesel Engines

The Fuso truck motors and industrial engines that are promoted by Internet companies are not always warranted. What this means is that most warranties have lapsed for average motors. This can leave a buyer without a way to replace parts if necessary once a motor is finally installed. The Got Diesel Engines company difference includes a low price tag and a suitable warranty period for each diesel motor shipped within the United States.

How to Buy Mitsubishi Fuso Motors for Sale

Two options exist for a motor buyer when searching online for an engine partner. The Internet and offline order processing method are the options provided here. All requests for a motor price tag happen by way of the quotes system. What this system offers is a direct price review of a motor using this website. Zero customer service contact is required for a person who reviews quotes on this page.

A used Mitsubishi engine price request also takes place by phone in the U.S. Dialing the appointed number on this page introduces a buyer to a talented team of Mitsubishi engine experts. The conversations that are available through this number do provide a personable experience. Not only are price requests fulfilled, but answers to diesel motor questions and warranty policy information are supplied. Any Fuso series truck motor for sale can be priced using the methods described.

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