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Mini Diesel Engine for Sale

The Mini diesel engine for sale inventory here is authentic and includes every day sale prices for buyers. Mini One D is the common engine type that is used by the UK based Mini vehicles. The 1.4 configuration was used as the most popular type until upgrades to the 1.6 were announced. Buyers locating hoping to locate a replacement editions through Got Diesel Engines will be happy to know that units are in stock.

The different designs of the Mini are all compatible with the 1.4 turbo diesel. The one-hatch and three-door each used the 1.4 diesel motors before the much larger 1.6 was introduced. BMW AG continues to oversee the manufacturing of the Mini brand. These motors are still produced in Cowley, England and distributed worldwide. Because there are hundreds of thousands of One D vehicles in use, the supply of motors is still growing in the U.S.

Where to Buy Used Mini Engines for Less Online

The U.S. editions of the Mini are known as the Mini Cooper. These use the same displacement as the Mini One in the UK although the engines are not Toyota based. BMW and Peugeot collaborated on the Prince engine series and offered these inside of the 1.6 and 1.4 diesels. Any person researching the history of the Mini vehicle brand can use the Got Diesel Engines resource to find both the British and American edition motors in used condition.

A third generation turbocharged motor is now the common type used in the mini in the global market. These are 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0 diesel motors. These are inline three-cylinder editions that fit in the Cooper, One and the D builds in the global marketplace. All of these editions are compatible with multiple transmission styles. The regular FF layout for the BMW manufacturing ensures these engines can be installed correctly.

How to Buy Used Mini Diesel Engines in the USA

A sale program is setup for all foreign brand motors that are available for purchase here. This provides BMW manufacturing technologies to American buyers who do not have a local parts supply company importing used engines for sale. The dealer quality motors that are found on this website do offer a warranty. The said warranty for each 1.4 or 1.6 diesel motor is included in the full point of sale price. This price can be reviewed when requesting a quote in real time on this website.

There is a phone number set up to field all consumer assistance requests that are not submitted using this resource. The non-gasoline engines that are promoted on this website can be explored further with a quick phone call. This places any potential buyer in touch with the Mini engine staff. A VIN number is always verified along with an exact quote for shipping. The used diesel motor partners supplying the end fulfillment ensure delivery within a few days after processing of engine orders.