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Used Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines For Sale

Mercedes Benz Is The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Commercial Vehicles

The name Mercedes Benz brings thoughts of quality, safety, comfort, and longevity to the minds of car enthusiasts as well as consumers who want to get well-made car and truck amenities for their money. Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines For Sale have been a hot item since the Sprinter was introduced to the market.

Mercedes Benz has been building quality vans since 1896. The diesel powered Mercedes Sprinter tops the list of versatile commercial vans that have withstood the test of time. Over one million Sprinters have been sold worldwide and many of them are still in service.

The first generation Sprinter was introduced in 1995. It replaced the antiquated Mercedes T1 van, which was introduced in 1977. The Sprinter was named van of the year in 1995 and when the new generation Sprinter was introduced in 2006 is was named the 2007 van of the year and in 2008 it received the same award.

The Sprinter is designed for commercial use, but recreation conversions are available. The first generation Sprinter was built with a straight five cylinder, 2.7 litre turbodiesel engine. The new models have either inline four or five cylinder diesel engines as well as an inline six cylinder diesel engine. 

The 208, 308, and 408 CDI models are 16V DOHC inline four’s that have a displacement of 131.1 cubic inches with 81 horsepower and 148 ft-lbs of torque. The 211, 311, and 411 CDI models have a displacement of 131.1 cubic inches with 108 horsepower and 199 ft-lbs of torque. The inline five has a displacement of 163.8 cubic inches with 154 horsepower and 243 ft-lbs of torque.

The Inline 6 Diesel Engine Offers Real Power and Handling

The inline four and five series of diesel engines are worthy taskmasters when it comes to commercial endeavors, but the inline six series have some real power in their metal genes. The 218, 318, 418, and 518 CDI models are 24V DOHC inline six’s that displace 183 cubic inches with 181 horsepower and 295 ft-lbs of torque. The 224, 324, 424, and 524 CDI models displace 213.5 cubic inches with 254 horsepower and 251 ft-lbs of torque.

The Sprinters sold in the United States still lack some of the options sold in Europe like 4-wheel drive, electric sliding doors, Command Navigation System, and keyless entry, but the lack of those features has not hurt sales as much as not offering the OM651 diesel engine that’s capable of yielding 27 miles per gallon. All things considered, the Sprinter is still a value. Its unique design, high roof, and excellent cargo space make it a fierce as well as competent competitor.

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