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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used Maxxforce 7 Engine

Navistar manufactured its 6.4L diesel engine. It was used in Ford trucks in the early 2000s. This high pressure common rail block is a respected V8 power house. Due to the turbocharged capacity, the horsepower has been expanded in recent years. By using what is available on this website, someone can buy a used Maxxforce 7 engine for sale.

Specs of the Navistar 6.4L Diesel

Horsepower means a lot when talking about a preowned model. In some parts of the USA, scrap yards that sell inventory have inferior products. Without a test and a verification, it is very hard to certify what runs good and what does not. The Maxxforce diesel 6.4L V8 is rated for around 220 hp to 300 hp.

When it comes to paying for shipping, this motor is pretty heavy. The dry weight is about 1225 pounds. This does not include any crates or other supplies needed to protect it during shipment. A direct injection fuel system is always factory installed.

Compatibility of Maxxforce 7 Motors

Because of the versatility, there is a lot of applications where the 6.4-liter engine fits into well. Even if it is called the Powerstroke it does not matter. The performance is the same across many industries.

The following motor vehicles accept the Maxxforce 7 engines:

– SuperDuty
– Excursion
– Durastar
– E-Series
– 4200

Industrial usage is also common. Over-the-road trucking companies and other agencies make use of used diesel engines as well as ones rebuilt. GotDieselEngines.com is a premier provider of second hand inventory at unbeatable pricing.

Warranties for Navistar Engines

Along with a sometimes free of charge shipping package, we do include a warranty plan. It is an essential part of buying a block to get some type of coverage. When something goes wrong, it can be an exhaustive expense to get a repair. Anyone who is interested in purchasing what we sell is told about our inclusive warranties.

International Maxxforce 7 for Sale

Take a look at what we are providing here online. Go into our quote computer and begin reviewing our MSRP. The discounts are applied automatically. No one has to waste any time haggling to get a cheaper price tag. The chance of us already being the lowest on the web is really high.

Support is provided using our toll-free phone number too. Anyone can place a call to us during standard business hours. If we are not the lowest price, we will work with you. We earn the satisfaction of consumers each day. Never pay more for a used Navistar engine online.

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