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LF9 Diesel Engine for Sale

The LF9 is a reliable diesel engine built for sale in the U.S. by Oldsmobile. Buy these used here online. The first production year was 1978 for the newly named 5.7 liter. The 350 CID was eerily similar to the small-block gasoline powered V8. General Motors had different divisions at the time building the bulk of its inventory. GotDieselEngines.com has an LF9 diesel engine for sale ready to ship to you.

Specs of the LF9 Block

The horsepower is one thing that people complained about with the 5.7 diesel. The first builds were capable of hitting somewhere between 105 hp to 120 hp. A few changes in air flow were incorporated into the design, but it still lacked a lot of power. The block is an indirect injection powered system.

The OHV build ensured it could be utilized in sedan and medium-duty pickup trucks. The motor has a cast iron casing. It is heavy, but it did its job for a number of years until it was terminated in the 1985 year. A lot of people still remember and ask for the LF9 diesel. We have them here in second hand condition.

Where to Install the 5.7 Liter

Each division of General Motors marketed the LF9 block. There were no less than a total of 40 different vehicles that debuted at some point using the Oldsmobile built diesel. As time passed by, more focus was placed on the price of fuel. That concept sealed the fate of the poorly powered LF9 diesel engine.

If you have one of the following brands, you can probably install the block inside:


GDE has a warranty plan that goes out with all shipments. We support the automotive community all across North America. Yes, this includes Canada. We initialize coverage once someone goes through our order processing department. This does lock in all protection that exists for the used diesel motors we distribute.

Buy GM 5.7 Diesel Blocks

Get your fair price on this website. We do not try to trick you. You can find a ‘but it now’ listing through an auction company and pay 2/3 of the price just for freight. In a lot of cases, our freight costs are covered to commercial locations. This all but guarantees the pricing cannot be matched by a competing company.

The discounts and any other details regarding the second hand L99 engines we provide are found in quote computer system. Take the model year, add the block and transmission type and then we calculate the MSRP. You are given the chance to review the details before you order. You can click-through to start the procedure or call us on our toll-free support number.

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