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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used Cummins K Series Engines

K series engines from Cummins were used in trucks, tractors and industrial equipment. While classic editions can be harder to find, inventory still exists for sale. The solid construction and longevity are two things people search for in a replacement motor. GDE offers people the opportunity to buy used Cummins K series engines right here online.

Types of K Diesel Motors

In the United States and other parts of the world, diesel power often means more horsepower. The torque that is supplied is often greater than a comparable size gasoline block. The Cummins K engine was a force to be reckoned with in above average size trucks. The K19, K23 and K38 were some of the most in demand models.

Production for marine replacement motors was undertaken by Cummins. The KTA designation is meant to identify diesel powered watercraft motors. The very same technology found in the automotive additions was featured in the blocks for marine use. With slight variances, most K blocks are very similar.

In parts of the world where mining activities create jobs, Cummins developed a complete line of engines for mine equipment usage. It is very common to locate one or more Cummins K series diesel engine blocks in loaders, haulers and other agricultural based equipment.

Parts Warranty Available

Quality matters. Components built in facilities with a good reputation mean less risk of failure. Few people complain about the long-lasting wiring and sensors found on K model motors. GDE upholds the consumer pledge to provide a parts policy after purchase. It is hard to get a guarantee from a salvage yard.

Immediately after orders are completed, a product is shipped out. These shipments include the warranties for a certain time period. It is no easy task to drop in a used diesel motor. It takes work. The last thing a person needs is to have a malfunction. Our policy is to help people before, during and after ordering.

Prices for Used Cummins K Engines

It is good to get support, but it is even better to get a fair price. A smart quotation system is built into this page. A price that includes current discounts is automatically provided. People do not have to speak with our sales department if they are just getting a quote. The procedure could not be faster or streamlined more.

In the even that someone wants to speak by phone, we are available daily. Let our experts validate miles on the block, estimates for deliveries and other things. Our range of second hand products for diesel enabled vehicles is impressive. Literally going the extra mile means a lot to a customer.

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