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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used 4BG1 Engine On Sale

Isuzu built its 4B61 engine for industrial and marine usage. Most people buy these blocks used online. As an OHV build, the four-cylinder design is a perfect fit. The factory 60 amp alternator does a good job of keep power supplied to all 12V batteries. A used 4BG1 engine is on sale on this website daily.

Specs of the Isuzu B Series

Operation is a four-cycle process. The fuel system is what is known as direct injection. Depending on the unit acquired, either a Zexel or Bosch pump is included. The standard displacement is 4.3L. For shipping estimates, the dry weight is 772 pounds.

Like nearly all of the B motors, the compression is rated at 17:5:1. This is the non-turbo model hence the absence of the “T” in the part number. The horsepower has a fluctuating range. The minimum is 78 hp while the maximum is 89 hp. This is at 2500 RPM.

A regular block is 264 cubic inch displacement. These are generally low emissions. GotDieselEngines.com acquires all models with lower than average mileage. This seems to please consumers in North America were we operate.

Replacement Isuzu Diesel Motors

Not all people who buy use the motor inventory here for the same purpose. Everything from excavators and ariel platforms to generators can be powered from a 4BG1. This technology never goes out of style. For well over two decades, Isuzu has produced variations of its four-cylinder motors for numerous applications.

What is on sale and discounted for buyers here is known as preowned inventory. These are acquired at public auctions, through junk yards and other sources in our community. We have the ability and warehouse room to stock thousands of used Isuzu motors at any give time.

Low Mileage 4GB1 for Sale

Because of our trusted warranty coverage, people never worry about parts going bad. We do our best to verify through our partners what the block mileage is. This information is then relayed to buyers who shop here online.

In order to accurately price units in stock, our database must have the year and correct model number listed. People get an immediate quote when taking advantage of our computer system. Our toll-free number can be called for any customer service needs. Consumers speak only to educated staff about all aspects of our second hand Isuzu diesel engines inventory offered.

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