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Isuzu 4BD2TC Engines for Sale Low Mileage

The 4BD2TC diesel engine by Isuzu continued on the B series legacy in 1992. The inclusion of the turbo intercooler set this model apart from earlier builds. Some people who search for parts that fit these block come up empty handed. GDE has used Isuzu 4BD2GC engines for sale at a more than affordable price.

The differences in the first edition 4BD2 and turbocharged model were small but effective. A Zexel fuel pump instead of a standard Bosch model was utilized. This was better for the OHV design.

Isuzu 4BD2TC Specs

Like most of the NPR diesel truck engines, the horsepower and torque were similar. A 135 hp stock rating is found on all OEM installations. The 17:0:1 compression was left unchanged in the early 1990s. A well deserved 238 cubic inch displacement is typical in the four-cylinder models.

Around 2800 RPM was available at top speeds. The water pump is a v-belt design. Most people either find a Jatco or MXA5R transmission paired up with the 4BD2TC block.

Second Hand 4-Cylinder Motors

Nothing listed on this page is rebuilt or remanufactured. There is a sweeping price difference between versions. The trusted Isuzu junk yards that we deal with keep our inventory straight. A truck owner or even a mechanic seeking NPR diesel engine for sale stock will leave here happy.

We try very hard to accommodate every type of customer. It is a rare occasion for us to process a warranty claim. We go through inspection procedures to validate if motors in stock are good condition. This means listening for flywheel defects and checking for gasket leaks.

Good Warranty = Great MPG

There are issues with cracked heads on some B series motors. Former owners that did not do regular service maintenance paid the ultimate price. The quality of the diesel fuel has a lot to do with the MPG received. Upkeep is very important.

The Isuzu NPR 4BD2TC builds that GotDieselEngines.com retails here always come with warranty support. A customized plan for each individual is provided at the time of order placement. Even though the units do have a little rust, they run almost like new.

Buy Used Isuzu Engines

A fair and non-inflated price is what people like to see. Delivery does make a difference in the finalized price though. Depending on where a unit gets shipped to, some people might pay a little more. A quote is delivered through this portal.

Our toll-free phone line is called daily. For whatever reason, there is a percentage of buyers who like to order by phone. We support all people. Speak with our staff offline or begin the buying process online. We are here to help.

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