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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Isuzu 4BD1T Used Engine

The 4BD1T is an Isuzu engine. This was used between 1985 and 1998 in most countries in the world. Popular applications include automotive, marine and industrial use. While it weighs close to 800 pounds dry, someone can buy an Isuzu 4BD1T used engine here online.

Specs of the 4BD1T Motor

A total of eight valves are found on the block. This means two for every cylinder. Fuel delivery was carried through a direct injection Bosch pump. It does take a glow plug for starting unless another option is applied. The electrical system is wired for 12V use.

About 140 horsepower is available during operation. This is much higher than the regular B series builds. A turbocharger, usually a Garrett, was installed OEM. The displacement is 3.9-liters. The 4BD1T was eventually replaced with an indirect injection motor.

Swapping a 4BD1

The reason that there is still demand internationally is because parts are available. Unlike some automotive brands that die out, Isuzu and aftermarket companies have readily available components. This does make a swap much less complicated. The NPR trucks are usually easy to work on.

The first thing to look at when considering a 4BD1T for sale is the mileage. It is probably impossible to get one that has super low usage though. Most come from commercial trucks that racked up 100,000 miles or more. The second thing to look at is the surface condition.

Warranties for Diesel Motors

Acquiring anything that is used is kind of a gamble. Consumers learn to trust retailers when products are proven over time. GDE is a full-service diesel retailer. Everything displayed here is in used condition and is fully warranted for most parts. The plans of coverage are given free of charge and are a good item to have.

No one has to fight or argue if a problem surfaces after an installation. While it does help to have a professional install versus a DIY, parts can and probably will fail eventually. The assurance of coverage plan is what most people are after.

Buy Used 4BD1T Engines

The turbocharger, pumps and all factory installed components are included with every complete block on sale here. No one has raided the block to take off all the goodies. Prices remain low because we have little competition. It is hard to find a dedicated source to buy used Isuzu diesel motors in North America.

A calculated price quote is simple to organize online. Use the tool displayed here for warehouse access. We take calls by a toll-free number too. This removes hassles during ordering or the price comparison process.

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