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Isuzu 4BD1 Engine for Sale

The 4BD1 is an Isuzu diesel engine. This B series block was manufactured starting in the year 1979. As a top 4-cylinder build, it was perfect for automotive usage. There is still quite an international demand on the second hand market. GDE retails used Isuzu 4BD1 engine for sale inventory at great prices here.

4BD1 Motor Specs

A non turbo and a turbo version do exist. Some people confuse the two types. If there is not a letter “T” following the block code, it is the naturally aspirated model. The ratio of compression is pretty big. A 17:5:1 power level and a direct injection fuel system were winners on the Isuzu 4BD1 motor.

The block is water cooled. The displacement is 3.86L although it is rounded up in service manuals to 3.9L. The max horsepower offered in the OEM block was 87 hp. This did increase in the 1980s when other assemblies were introduced. Most ELF and NPR trucks made use of the 3200 RPM series.

The dry weight is around 700 pounds. This number could fluctuate though. Things like rust or different hoses can add a little to the weight. The used Isuzu 4BD1 diesel engine units on sale here are removed and then crated for later resale.

Reliability of B Series Motors

People appreciate the torque and ‘never die’ attitude of diesel blocks from Isuzu. When someone owns one of these, it rarely needs to be repaired when maintained correctly. Thankfully, there are still parts available to purchase from aftermarket sellers. There are few automotive dealerships that support vintage parts these days.

One thing that puts the usage period over the top is the warranty package. GotDieselEngines.com is a national resource. People in all 50 states and in Canada acquire our inventory. To say thanks for this, a warranty is given out with every order. The terms change from motor to motor although the coverage is pretty solid.

Buy Used 4BD1 Isuzu Engines

For industrial and automotive clients, we provide an easy click-through webpage. Access to what is in our warehouse is found at the top of this page. In no time at all, an exact price that includes a full discount is prepared. If a person cannot wait for this to happen, we have a toll-free number to call instead. Working with use to find second hand complete diesel engines is pretty easy.

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