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Isuzu 3CA1 Engine for Sale

The 3CA1 is an Isuzu powered diesel engine used in industrial applications. This build is a fairly new block. The use of OHV (overhead valve) builds is quite common in business and agricultural settings. Someone hoping to find inventory to buy an Isuzu 3CA1 engine for sale is on the correct website here.

Specs of the 3CA1 Block

Unlike in automotive applications, there are only three cylinders found on the C series. The displacement is a good size for such a smaller motor. The 0.9L is plenty powerful enough for use in different scenarios.

The ratio of compression is 23:5:1. This requires a naturally aspirated system. A glow plug is required for starting. Only 12V electronics can be used during motor operation. The actual horsepower is 15 hp up to 22 hp. There is 3000 RPM available for use.

Used Isuzu Industrial Motors

Not every company is running a large diesel machine. There are delivery service companies, factories, farmers and others utilizing a preowned 3CA1 Isuzu motor. The most basic uses include the following:

Excavators, pumps, generators and fork lifts. Almost any job that requires a reliable diesel block can be performed with the C series 3-cylinder motors. The best shipping estimate is about 214 pounds. This is good to keep in mind for someone who will have these units delivered.

3CA1 Motor Warranty Plans

Only second hand Isuzu motors are retailed here. These have not been rebuilt or remanufactured in any way. They are acquired through auctions and from salvage companies. GDE has formed trusted alliances with the top providers of auto parts. All inventory is purchased and stored in a warehouse before shipment.

A standard warranty coverage plan is explained at the point of sale. Most of the stock OEM parts will be covered. This provides enough of a relief for buyers. Utilizing the Internet to find and to buy used industrial diesel engines is sometimes hard. We make it easy anyone to get a fair deal.

Buy 3CA1 Diesel Engines Here

There is not need to use a trader website and pay high markup. There is only on genuine price found here. Some people submit an instate quote request while others get price details by phone. We leave the decision up to our customers. All oil filters and other parts are included with a purchase unless we say otherwise. People from the Midwest to the West Coast shop here for low pricing.

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