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International DT466 Engines for Sale

Navistar produced its line of DT466 engines starting in the 1970s and this process has continued to the present day. Purists of classic diesel technology know what the DT series of motors can do inside of heavy-duty machinery. A person on a quest to find the history of the International DT466 engines can find useful information on this GotDieselEngines.com resource online.

The new codename for the DT series is known as MaxxForce. The displacement provided in this motor is a large 7.6L. International branded these motors in the late 1970s for use in farm equipment, dump trucks and school buses. The inline six-cylinder design has helped make the DT motor series one of the most sought after especially in the replacement and aftermarket industries.

Specs for International DT466 Engines Online

The actual weight for shipping purposes of the DT series is 1480 pounds. This is known as dry weight because the fluids have to be removed during shipment. Buying a used International diesel engine does take some research on the part of a consumer. Some specs that are published through various resources are not correct. The standard cubic inch block is 466 in the DT motors. These units do have an updated turbocharger for editions built post 1995.

Many of the vintage builds used the Garret T04 turbocharger. The governed speed still remains at 2500 RPM in the late model editions. The variable turbocharger now in place is included in the engines for sale from Got Diesel Engines. This includes the vintage inventory of motors not using this engine technology. Every motor that is available for retail sale from this website has been tested and certified independently for accuracy.

What to Know When Buying DT466 Used Engines

The 7.6 displacement motors are found in more than industrial applications. Many dump truck manufacturers rely on the DT engine class to showcase reliability during usage. The new CXT editions of workhorse trucks also use the International 466 engine. There will always be a variety in the engine mileage and in the performance of the diesels that are found for sale. As a preventative measure, Got Diesel Engines always supplies warranties for every used diesel motor that is available in the U.S.

How to Buy International 466 Engines for Sale

The DT466 and DT466A variants are priced equally in the open inventory searchable from this website. Truck owners seeking more power in an engine installation could use the International or Navistar builds here for sale. The current and vintage variants are offered with absolute low prices. The quote system is a simple way to begin exploring approximate POS pricing.

A toll-free phone number can be dialed within the U.S. to help used diesel engine buyers find the right price and warranty terms. A team of specialists who handle all phone calls are MaxxForce DT and vintage International experts. A routine check of sale pricing, inventory numbers and delivery times can be processed during an average phone call. Buying used DT engines online has never been an easier process for visitors here.