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International 9.0 Diesel Engine Used

The 9.0-liter is a diesel engine built by International Harvester. This block made its debut in the automotive world in 1975. As a primary build for buses and trucks, the D-Series class of V8 units were very popular. There is still a market to buy a used International 9.0 diesel engine online. GDE is a leader.

9.0 D-Series Diesels

There is an ongoing argument that the D150, D170 and D190 were not reliable. Everything from a cracked head to oil leaks have been talked about. Make no mistake about it: the cubic inch displacement was massive. The first editions were 549 CID while the later units were 551 CID.

The infamous D-Series International engines that we sell here online are original. These are not ones that have problems or excessive usage. Through our team of associates, we get our hands on some good models to pass along to customers. People have many opinions about the lineup of different direct injection motors available.

165 HP 9.0L Diesel Engines

Our inventory consists of the 1970s and 1980s versions of the International 9.0L. These are not rebuilt or remanufactured. These have been removed straight from large trucks. We do have a procedure to review what we take in from distributors. This gives us the assurance that quality levels do remain above average.

These blocks should never be confused with the late model MaxxForce diesels. While the names have changed, the technology is very different. Direct injection or DI was not available until sometime after 1984. This means that the fuel/air mixtures have a completely different setup.

Used International Engines with Warranties

GDE retails only what can be protected by a parts warranty. The original parts only are part of the phase of coverage. Nothing that is applied through a third-party process is in our warranty terms. People buy here with the assurance of getting a long-term use out of our used 9.0L engines online.

Buy D-Series V8 Engines Here

We support most of the classic International and Navistar blocks. Throughout our warehouse, we are shipping good products to the public every day of the year. All of the V8 builds that are displayed on this website are ready to be delivered. The only thing someone needs to do before placing an order is to get a quote in price.

Feel free to use our electronic system here. This tells people what we have and what it sells for daily. We also have a fantastic team of professionals answering our phones. We will try to work with any buyer who needs a break on the price.

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