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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

GMC 6.5 Non Turbo Engine for Sale

GMC built two variations of the 6.5L engine for large SUVs and trucks. What separated these models in terms of performance was a turbocharger. The production launched in 1992 introduced the world to the new face of the Detroit Diesel models. Anyone visiting GDE can pick up a GMC 6.5 non turbo diesel engine for sale really cheap.

Swapping a 6.5 Motor

The mounts and the same on the two diesel blocks. Some parts might need to be exchanged in order to achieve functionality. People who undertake a swap know it is a rather easy job. There are two ways to identify the standard and high output 6.5-liter motors at GMC.

1. L56
2. L57

These RPO codes identify which versions is the HO and which is not. The L57 was the only higher output model produced with the original specs. The L56 does have a VIN ‘S’ stamp. The blocks are cast iron and feature aluminum heads. This is still a GM manufacturing standard.

Naturally Aspriated Used Motors

The emissions on a diesel are important to consider. Some states like California have strict laws. To uphold the law in such states, General Motors used different emissions. The naturally aspirated versions are what most people find browsing junk yards online.

The specs of the preowned Detroit Diesel engines on sale here are accurate. A 180 horsepower power limit is what to expect in each block. The common rail overhead valve design (OHV) is a regular GM option.

A 3400 RPM rating is what the stock specs include. The turbo and non turbo series were all 395 cubic inch displacement editions. In the year 2001, GMC moved to a presumed better 6.6-liter Duramax motor. These can also be purchased at GotDieselEngines.com.

Buy Used Non Turbo 6.5 Engines Here

A good price should also feature warranty protection plans. The entire warehouse stock of what we provide for sale does include such amenities. Consumers should not have to go through a parts failure problem alone. Almost every OEM component is protected.

A quote system is used on this page. This is how people learn of our fair price tags. Trying to open a negotiation with a scrap yard owner is best left to experts. The very models that people can quote in price or buy here are top quality condition. SUV owners, truck owners and mechanics invest in our inventory here. Calling us by phone is another great way to get a specialized price.

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