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Used GMC 6.5 Diesel Engine for Sale

The 6.5-liter Detroit Diesel engine at GMC was unveiled in 1992. It was supposed to be the permanent replacement for the 6.2-liter block. While some people did not like the lack of horsepower, it remains motor that is in demand to this day. Searching the auto parts aftermarket for a used GMC 6.5 diesel engine will end on this website.

6.5 OHV Diesel Specs

The block is designed to hold a total of seven quarts of oil. This is pretty standard on the overhead valve builds. A two-valve per cylinder construction rounds out the 395 cubic inch displacement. The top performance level is about 180 horsepower.

The final year of production was 2000 at General Motors. Development of the 6.6L motor was undertaken. There are two main RPO codes to identify the 6.5 diesel. The L65 build has a VIN ‘F’ designation. This is a turbocharged model. It is by fair the more common to find.

The L49 edition has a VIN ‘P’ designation. The GMC Yukon, Savana and C/K vehicles had the turbo 6.5L under the hood. Each version weighs about 750 pounds. This is good information for a person to know if a shipping quote is needed.

Reliability of a Used Build

Some people ask “is a 6.5 diesel engine any good?” Ask two adults and two different answers will be given. Depending on the model, an EGR valve might be installed. These could have been problematic on some editions. General Motors changed some features with the production of different RPO codes.

Someone who frequently shops at junk yards or recycling centers can have questions. It can be hard to have faith in preowned automotive components. GDE is a reputable source. We only retail good quality products. All stock includes a warranty.

Second Hand GMC Diesel Engine Prices

Prices for GMC 6.5 turbo diesel inventory are found here. We have a quote tool. This distributes our lowest sale price. No one has to try to haggle with a scrap dealer to get this price. We sell out of our own warehouse. Cutting costs is our specialty. There is no MSRP that cannot be cut.

Freight deliveries happen in all 50 states. Some people request shipments to Canada. Our team can make that happen. Submitting data through our quotation system is easy. For someone who needs to call by phone, we have a number available. Buy used 6.5 turbo motors right from our company. No dealer can match our customer commitment.

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