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Used GM 6.2 Diesel

GM 6.2 Diesel For Sale

The Detroit Diesel is a popular engine choice in heavy duty trucks. Longevity and power are just some of the characteristics that have become desirable over the years. Many times the engines may be recovered from a salvaged vehicle and are available for resale completely functional. Whether the engine in your vehicle is in need of repairs exceeding the cost of a used engine, or if you are looking to upgrade an existing gas engine, cheap OEM engines are available for a replacement.

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Chevy and GMC trucks both utilize the 6.2 liter diesel engine. The diesel is known for providing a large amount of torque and usable horsepower which can help get even the most demanding jobs done. For nearly a decade the 6.2L GM diesel filled the engine bays of various pickups. Finding a complete new engine can help bring new life to an old truck or add more power to a smaller engined variant. Whatever the application might be, getting a used engine just might be the answer.
Finding a used engine online can provide a relatively pain-free solution to spending countless hours on the phone trying to locate a salvage yard that has what you are looking for. A salvage locator can source the engine with just some simple contact information and what you are looking for. Filling out a submission for a GM 6.2 diesel can get you a call within a relatively short period of time with someone who had the engine.
The GM 6.2 diesel was available with a dealer installed Banks turbo. Some of the engines may be available with a turbo but most are available sans turbo. Depending on if the particular situation may require a turbo or not, the Detroit Diesel is sought after and available at a relatively low price.
Buying a diesel engine from a reputable vendor saves a person the headache of shopping newspapers and auto classifieds for a donor vehicle or trips to local salvage yards. The availability of reliable used engines ensures that the customer is getting an engine that they put in their vehicle and use.

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