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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Ford Ranger 2.3 Diesel for Sale

The Ranger by Ford used a 2.3L diesel in 1985. It was built by Mazda. An unsuccessful pairing of the Perkins 2.2 lead to the development of the four-cylinder 4D55. While this block was only an option for a one-year period, it is still pretty rare to find. People scour junk yards in the USA and Canada only to come up short. GotDieselEngines.com has a Ford Ranger 2.3 diesel for sale at a good price. Check stock now.

Specs of the Diesel 2.3-Liter

There are two regular valves for every cylinder on the 4D55. A turbocharger is indeed included. The 21:1 compression says that the Mazda block means business. The block design is a SOHC edition. The 2346 cubic centimeters show just how good of an engine this is.

The final year that Ford used the 2.3-liter diesel was 1986. The use of alternative fuel was not as popular in the mid 1980s as it is right now. There were still hundreds of thousands of pickup trucks that were retailed internationally. Finding one still in tact is not that hard.

Warranties for Ford Ranger Engines

We sell diesel motors. We also sell the parts. In most cases, a person will want to order the complete block. These come with all parts that Ford originally intended them to have. Everything goes through a process of steam cleaning to remove old oil or rust. This is part of a grooming procedure for the used Ranger diesel engine on sale here.

Since rebuilt costs a little more, we prefer to go with used models. These are easy to pull out and then place in our warehouse. Customers do not mind because of the long-term warranty. Offering a good coverage package means that we do care about how our motors are used. Take some time to look around our website to learn about our company.

Buy 2.3L Ford Diesel Motors

Even though Mazda built the diesel for the Ranger, people still refer to it as a Ford. That is OK. When you ask for a price, we already know what you are talking about. It takes us a small amount of time to specify what discounts are supplied. This happens every hour of the day in our warehouse. Try out quote system right now. Let us know if you like it.

You can call by phone and ask about our stock. We can easily discuss a warranty. We can tell you about how to install the block. We even arrange the cheapest shipping. DPF is the real deal. Never pay more on Kijiji, eBay or Craigslist for a used 2.3 Ford engine.

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