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Ford Escort 2.0 Diesel Engine

The RF is a Mazda diesel engine used in the Escort. Its 2.0L displacement was a good option in 1983. Ford has used this in other compact vehicles too. The Tempo and the Topaz had limited term installations. The distribution of second hand inventory is our specialty. Let Got Diesel Engines sell you a used Ford Escort 2.0L diesel engine today.

Specs of the 2.0 Diesel

The cubic centimeters are 1998 in the 2.0-liter block. While it only has 53 hp, it is a really strong motor. The build is a SOHC edition. It has been said that some people think Ford did not advertise that a diesel was available good enough. With up to 68 MPG, it would have been a hot seller in the mid 1980s recession.

Mazda has built a lot of Ford motors. It does not receive the credit that is deserved. People who still try to find a spare 2.0 using Craigslist or eBay can turn up with no luck. These are not in every corner junk yard. Even with our parts team, we have issues finding good running blocks sometimes.

Warranty for Ford Diesels

We make every effort to supply a warranty that will last with each purchase. Parts are becoming more scarce throughout the world. There are aftermarket models, but we prefer to go with OEM when we do labor and parts work. After a sale, if problems turn up we try to fix them. Our terms spell out what we can and cannot protect.

There is no cost for this service most of the time. The preowned Ford 2.0 motors in our warehouse are checked by our own staff. We are professionals. It does help that our team knows what is what. Things like a broken belt, leaking gasket or camshaft issue do not happen on our watch.

Buy Used Escort Diesel Engines

The full motor, related parts and a nice shipping container are what people get here. The single price paid gets it all. It is really first come first serve for hard to find motors. We try out best to keep a good supply in our warehouse. If you use our inventory tool, take a look at our numbers and price list. It is open to anyone here online.

Call into our company to speak by phone. We love getting calls. We answer e-mail quickly too. GDE uses its own network of junk yard suppliers to acquire what people purchase here. We make no secret of that. We want to help you fix up an old Ford Escort cheaply.

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