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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used Ford Diesel Engines For Sale

Ford Diesel Engines for SaleFord selected Navistar to be the preferred diesel engine maker for all diesels manufactured from 1994 to 2010. Ford labeled this new diesel design as the “Power Stroke” and it quickly caught on with commercial vehicle buyers and light duty truck drivers. The hydraulic pressured fuel pump created the right amount of pressure to start up the huge displacement 7.3L Power Stroke that hit the open market. In a few short years, millions of Power Stroke diesels were produced and put into Econoline, Excursion and Super Duty trucks. Since these engines are still very popular, we have these and other Ford diesel engines for sale in our inventory.

We know it is not easy to find a good diesel engine that is used or remanufactured. The rising prices of new diesel engines are creating the demand for engine shops, mechanics and commercial truck owners to search online for a cheaper price. While the condition and performance varies widely with other engine sellers, we have built a solid reputation as the number one Ford diesel engine seller on the Internet. We don’t have to advertise our website because we receive repeat customers and many referrals from satisfied clients. You don’t have to spend a million bucks with us to be treated like a million bucks.

Crate, Remanufactured and Used Ford Diesels

The problem with buying engines from auction websites or classified ads is that it is hard to know what you are really getting in exchange for your money. We deal exclusively with used, remanufactured and new crate engines to eliminate these types of problems. Our used engines might have been pulled or swapped out of a truck, but we inspect and certify the quality. We are honest with ourselves and with our customers. We rebuild engines and replace defective or worn out parts to offer remanufactured engines. Our new crate engines are custom built by our certified engine specialists.

The thing you will love about our inventory after you see our low price is the diversity. We are not just an engine builder. We are sellers too. This means that if our customers want a certain engine we get it for them fast. In addition to the 7.3L Ford diesel engine, we have other makes and models that you might be searching for online. These include the following:

1994 and Later Ford F-Series
1994 and Later Excursion SUVs
1994 and later Econoline Van
1994 and Later Low Cab Forward

Ford Diesel Engines for Sale at Your Price Point

Everybody has a certain price that they will not pay for a new, used or remanufactured diesel engine. We solidified our prices when we created our website to offer the lowest price on the Internet. We know what the competition charges and we know we are way less than that. We give you two ways to start the order process. Call our toll free number at 1-877-630-3877 or get your engine quote online. It’s that simple and that fast. Our used diesel engines, crate and remanufactured diesels are the perfect price for you and shipped fast to your location.

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