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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

FD35T Engine for Sale

Nissan and Freightliner trucks used FD35T engines. The first series was a non-turbo edition. Changes took place that helped the 3465 cubic centimeter block have a boost in power. By adding the turbo-diesel, more performance was easily achieved. GDE offers used FD45T engine for sale inventory at low prices here.

The 4-cylinder turbo option was available in the H40 trucks. The Atlas was just one of the brands. There are no less than 12 big trucks that can accept the used FD35T engines that we sell here. It is also common to find buses using the blocks because of the good fuel economy of the diesel fuel.

OHV Nissan Diesel Motors

The FD35 and its turbocharged variant are not hard to find. These have been used all throughout the world. In Africa, Europe, United States and in the Asian markets. What is harder to find is a low mileage point. It is no secret that Nissan builds motors that will last well up to 500,000 miles.

The regular service intervals that an owner makes will improve the life span of any diesel engine. It is for this reason that GDE sells used FD35T Nissan motors with a complete warranty package. The actual terms and what is not included is given prior to processing a sale.

Forklift Truck and OTR Use

Our engines are certified for use in a number of industries. When picking out the right model, it helps to have a VIN number or other piece of identifiable information. The computer system built for usage on this page does a lot. It helps customers to find the exact unit needed at the very lowest price.

The used 4-cylinder diesel engine quote form in use here is always available. No one has to log in to be able to use it. Just a couple of selections need to be made in order to get a price quote.

Buy Used FD35T Engines Here

Right from the start, we make it clear and easy to get price data. Our team takes requests by phone as well. If you have trouble locating something in the database, give us a call. We are more than happy to help you. Double checking the mileage count and estimating freight costs are easy by telephone.

Work with our associates to get the best deal right now. Shipments leave our warehouse at several points during the day.

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