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F250 6.9 Diesel Engine for Sale

Ford used the 6.9L IDI engine for the first time in 1983. This truck motor was produced by International Harvester. Known as a naturally aspirated diesel, people appreciated the powerful torque available. These motors are no longer in production, but can be purchased second hand. An F250 6.9 diesel engine for sale is available to order here.

The final year of production was 1987 for the IDI 6.9-liter. Ford had moved on to a bigger block that eventually was turned into the 7.3L. Because of the cast iron design, dropping one of these into a truck will take some time. The weight, as far as freight is concerned, is 860 pounds dry.

Specs of the 6.9 Diesel Engine

Ford Motor Company is known for using V8 motors in F250 and F350 vehicles. The 6.9 was no exception. It takes about 10 quarts of oil to fill one up. The OHV provides plenty of output horsepower. A maximum of 170 hp is what people should expect from a used 6.9L engine.

The pickup truck and E-Series van blocks were the same. No changes were made until the year 1988. Not all junk yards still support older diesel powered motors. It takes better relationships and contacts in the auto parts industry to get quality inventory for resale.

Best Warranties for Ford 6.9

People get concerned about parts quality with used products. It is only natural to do so. GDE takes warranties seriously. We have what might be known as the top parts plan available. We are not interested in 60-day coverage formats. We believe to get the most out of a block it has to be used a lot.

All warranty packages that get distributed with our engines are in force for a while. This comes with no additional charges to a consumer. To make it even better, we ship all across the United States and to parts of Canada.

Cheapest IDL 6.9 Motor Prices

GotDieselEngines.com is able to beat almost every competitor in price. This is accomplished through our willingness to help more of the public find good inventory. While we can never guarantee a specific block mileage, we do work very hard to keep prices low. A quote can be retrieved right on this page. We use a digital inventory system that can be entered into.

Phone calls come into our company pretty fast. We use a super friendly sales and support team. The number is always toll-free. When a person calls, we will impress them with our knowledge of used Ford diesel engines that we sell. That is a guarantee.

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