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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used DT360 Engine 5.9L International

The DT360 is a diesel engine manufactured by International. These blocks have a 5.9L displacement. Although digital controls are not present, it does have a mechanical injection system. Anyone hoping to find a good price for a used DT360 engine can shop here online. The very best discounts are available 365 days a year.

Inline 6-Cylinder DT360

The factory specs can be hard to come by since the DT series is no longer in production. For the most part, the horsepower does vary just a little bit. A good range to hope for is 170 hp to 190 hp. This all depends on the condition of the original parts.

Buying an International DT360 diesel engine should not come with any worry though. These were built to be tough. It is very common to find early 1970s passenger buses and trucks using the power and performance in the pre-IDI blocks. These units are fairly easy to work on, and there are parts available if needed.

5.9L DT360 Motors with Warranties

The best thing that protects consumers is a warranty period. The average seller will provide up to 60 days of coverage. This is not set in stone though. GotDieselEngines.com has one of the longest warranty plans given to the general public.

When we acquire inventory for retail sale, we make sure that all parts are original. The inspection is what determines the actual MSRP price that we give out. Any DT360 diesel engine for sale provided on this website carries the same long range warranty.

Taken from Diesel Engine Junk Yards

The vast amount of what is in our warehouse ready to be shipped comes from a junk yard. The catch is that we forge relationships with not only the local yards. Our reach is nationwide in the United States. We sometimes pay a little extra for freight, but we feel that it is worth it to offer better stock.

Buy International DT360 Motors

In our opinion, the second hand industry is getting bigger and bigger. Some people might not agree with a used 5.9 diesel. These are the consumers that only buy remanufactured or rebuilt. Each person is entitled to his or her beliefs. GDE offers what is probably the best price for a DT360 engine online.

We let people do price research on this portal. We have developed our app that does not require any log-in to be completed. Just put in the year and the manufacturer. The system will do the rest. Once the quote is finalized, order placement can then begin. Call us by phone and we can help. Never over pay for a vintage International diesel again.

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