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Used Detroit Diesel DD-16 Engines for Sale

Detroit Diesel Corporation [DDC] is one of the largest and most popular heavy duty diesel engine manufacturers in the world. Originally founded in 1937 by General Motors, it’s original engine was the Series 71, which were all inline six cylinder engines. Our Detroit Diesel engines for sale offer pure value at an affordable price, every day. Buy where the professional truck drivers but from, call right now.

One of the largest diesel engines in the world is the DD-16. The first engine offered with Blue Tec Technology. It is 15.6 liters in size or 959 cubic inches. A monster in any circle. The engine itself features a new design stemming from the internal core of the motor, including an new fuel injection system called [ACRS], amplified common rail fuel injection system. It makes as much as 2000 foot pounds of torque, which is a staggering amount of pulling power.

Torque ratings are more accurate figures to measure power than horsepower ratings in diesel engines and for their owners. Part of the increase comes from new turbo technology which compounds the power, while reducing engine wear and increasing fuel economy.

One of the most talked about features is smoothness. The combination of said components mentioned earlier makes smoother performance a reality, which is important to someone who drives for a living. Excessive engine vibration will wear most drivers out over the course of an 8 to 12 hour driving day.

Built for extreme duty, when an engine of this magnitude needs to be remanufactured, it has to be performed by the most competent company possible. DD-16 engines last so long and require minimal maintenance because nothing was spared in design and manufacturing by the factory. The only way to replace an engine that has such an important job to is buy a remanufactured engine built with pure value inside.

In fact, buying the best replacement engine is not a secret, but truckers and heavy equipment operators know this. Nothing can replace reliability and trouble free performance. Down time is the most expensive way to go broke. The pros know this only too well, which is why they buy the best, from the best, only.

If you want more information on why we outperform our competition, call our expert representatives and learn exactly why one of our DD-16 engines build peace of mind. Our engines are unsurpassed in quality and we offer world class customer service, shipping each completed order within 24 hours, to get you back on the road. Call GotDieselengines.com right now for a free price quote.

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