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Used Cummins School Bus Engine

The industrial engine manufacturing that takes place by Cummins helps produce notable bus motors used daily worldwide. The huge variety that is found in engine creation has mixed the gasoline and diesel offerings available on the used market. A Cummins school bus engine can be retrofitted into more than one vehicle. Installation includes touring buses, shuttles and other types of transit vehicles. Got Diesel Engines is a secondary market seller of most Cummins brands.

There are some things to know when researching or planning to buy a bus engine manufactured by Cummins. Prior to processing a sale for a motor, it is helpful to know that gasoline and diesel options are both available. This is unlike some of the builds that are used in classic or new buses that are limited to one motor brand. Cummins and its Westport division offer some of the best sources to find multiple fuel motor variants in the U.S. market.

All motors produced are EPA compliant and are picked for low mileage when sold through this GotDieselEngines.com company website.

Types of School Bus Motors for Sale Online

There have been eight engine brands used for the manufacturing of school buses in the Cummins family. These motors are all very different and usage always depends on the size of the vehicle. The consumer and industrial industries often dictate what types of motors will be used in transport vehicles.

The main types of bus motors produced by Cummins include:


The ISV is a 5.0L V8 motor that is one of the smallest gasoline motors produced for motorhomes and buses. The strength of the block and fuel economy are high points for this series. The ISL9 is a 360 horsepower motor that is a replacement for the 8.3 ISC in the bus market. The optimized performance and easy maintenance help make this series motor popular.

The ISL G is another new type of motor produced specifically for the bus and motor coach market. This natural gas based variant is not diesel dependent and does not require use of diesel fuel technologies for operation. The G editions are one of the newest manufactured replacement motors that can be bought second hand.

About Cummins Bus Motors for School Use

The operating temperatures always vary within each engine block. The use of gasoline, natural gas and diesel can project confusion when a person researches that type of used bus motors available. Cummins makes it an easy process and frequently builds motors for an extended period. What this means to someone who buys regularly from a junk or salvage company is that a phased out motor can still be found for sale. All used condition assemblies found through this resource are either in or out of production.

The construction of a bus motor at one of the various Cummins plans usually takes place overseas. This should not hinder decision making when it comes to purchasing a motor used. Quality level checks are conducted at the Got Diesel Engines company to guarantee reliability for each motor purchaser. The value placed into the gas, CNG or diesel units positioned in this online inventory is maximized for every domestic order placed.

How to Buy a Cummins Motor for Sale Online

It takes a few seconds to explore the options for inventory that are available using this company. All content has been prepared and logged into the quotes system that is now activated for national exposure. The MSRP prices that are often featured with a preowned motor found through auction sources will not be found here. Only sale prices are delivered through the complete quotation system that is featured on this Cummins history page.