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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used Cummins Q Series Engine

The Q family industrial and marine diesel engines are built by Cummins. These blocks are known to be powerful. Not only are they reliable, but they rarely fail during operation. Things makes these units a lot more cost effective than gasoline types. On this website, a used Cummins Q Series engine is always for sale.

Depending on the industry, a difference in horsepower is often found. The certification Tier model dictates the actual performance achieved. Because Cummins builds heavy-duty inventory, people are generally pretty happy with the useful life. It does pay to buy preowned Cummins diesel engines right from the source.

Q Diesel Engine Specs

In general, the horsepower is often fixed between 120 hp and up to 600 hp. The application where a block will be used determines the needed power level. There are many different Q codes that help people identify the right motor. Each of these is based on the current inventory that can be ordered from GDE here.

Our inventory is best suited for the following use:

– School Buses
– Pickup Trucks
– Agriculture
– Construction
– Emergency Vehicles
– Mining
– Generators
– Marine Propulsion

What we have listed really is in stock. We are not a secondary resource. The team we have assembled makes deals with other suppliers. We have able to build an ever-expanding warehouse. Shipments originate from the USA, but can easily be sent to Canada.

Cummins Warranties for Diesel Blocks

Most of what is available from used auto parts sellers is already out of warranty. There are a couple of reputable companies that offer a 90-day warranty package. GotDieselEngines.com exceeds the regular length to give a much longer coverage term. It is our belief that people should get the fullest benefits out of a used Cummins motor.

No one has to pay extra cash in order to receive our coverage. It is always included when an order goes through completion. If someone wants to speak about exact coverages, we can discuss this over the phone or through an e-mail conversation.

Buy Cummins Q Series Engines Online

Our website full setup to handle e-commerce. To a buyer, this includes a locked in quote in price. Since prices and discounts change so much, we are no longer publishing pricing on the web. We have moved to a quotation system that is updated by our computer. Anyone can enter this system and it takes under 60 seconds to use.

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