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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Cummins N14 Engine for Sale

The N14 is a diesel engine by Cummins. It was used inside of trucks, motor homes, generators and to power marine equipment. At the start of the 1997 year, the CELECT Plus fuel system was added. This improved the fuel delivery through electronic injectors. GotDieselEngines.com supplies used Cummins N14 engine for sale inventory from this website.

How much horsepower does the N14 diesel have? The size of the turbocharger often dictates the top speed. When installed in the factory, the base horsepower was always 310. This could be improved up to 525 with a different turbo. The full-size trucks and other vehicles usually were rated with higher specs.

855 CID N14 Cummins Motors

What engine replaced the Cummins N14? That motor is known as the ISX. Each of these models are in our parts store here on this page. The durability is one thing to keep in mind before purchasing something in used condition. At the very minimum, a warranty plan should be given to all consumers.

GDE provides a suitable coverage term for all parts. Even though what we provide is taken from junk yards, we make sure theses are clean and tested. A potential buyer does not have to take precautionary measures to avoid OEM components failures. The warranties can handle the most typical problems.

Swapping a Cummins Block DIY

Our customer base, ordering what we have on sale, is not just mechanics and body shop personnel. Regular people who prefer to do their own automotive work make purchases. The price is right and it gives do-it-yourself workers confidence in the job. Pulling out a diesel block is no small task though.

When someone needs to arrange a shipment, we can handle all of the aspects. It is normally best to have a lift gate upon delivery. This will ensure that no problems happen during the unloading process. All that is needed is a U.S. or Canadian address for proper delivery.

Buy Used N14 Motors by Cummins

No matter where a 14L goes to, one thing for sure is that the cheapest prices are found here. No dealer can match what we sell or what our discounts are. To help all shoppers, we have invested into a quotes tool that is simple to tap into. Just by giving the year, size and model, a real price is obtained fast.

There is another way to go through the order or price research process. We have a nationwide phone number that can be called daily. Our professional staff knows and loves our inventory. From basic mileage counts to addressing warranty concerns, we are here to provide assistance to our customers.

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