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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used Cummins N Series Engine

The N series engines from Cummins can be traced back to the early 1950s. The use in trucks, agricultural and other equipment are well documented. While some models were available for marine use, most people identify the diesel variants with on-road and machinery installations. A used Cummins N series engine is listed here for sale by GDE daily.

The most popular displacement for the N blocks is 14L. This was known as the 855 hp edition. A lot of the motors used in the 1970s and 1980s were based on this platform. It is still possible to get a lot of the outdated diesel engines through our inventory. We stock only what is available in the U.S., but we do send our shipments into Canada too.

Reliable Cummins N Diesel Motors

Few builders of motors actually exist. Most of the inventory now in use in various industries is contracted out to more than one location. Cummins is one company that has supported independent builds. In award-winning factories, some of the best engineering takes place. If someone is wondering about the reliability of a used Cummins engine, fear not because they last a long time.

GotDieselEngines.com has a regarded warranty plan for its customers. When people shop for a replacement block, it is normal to check our inventory first. Because we work with salvage yards and dismantlers nationwide, we have first pick of whatever is available. We arrange delivery to our warehouse. We then stock what we have here.

6-Cylinder Old Stock Cummins

The original N series engines are no longer in production. These were phased out over 15 years ago. The vintage stock that we have acquired is still in good shape. Yes, there will be some surface rust that cannot be removed. We guarantee that all hoses and OEM parts will be in working condition. Grades are placed on every diesel engine block what we sell to consumers.

Buy Replacement N Series Motors

The ordering process has to go through the quotes phase first. Our developed tool on this website helps us distribute discount prices. With just a little information, our team automatically quotes the current selling price off the MSRP. In most cases, shipping is included in what is quoted unless we say so.

Get a price quote or contact our team today. Let us impress you with our vast diesel knowledge and inventory. Our toll-free number is just another sign that we value customer support. Our specialists are always on the phone and take care of our clients. We will win your business guaranteed.

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