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Cummins M11 Engine for Sale

Cummins started its M11 production in the 1994 year. The need to replace the L10 series was apparent and new technology was issued in the M series in the U.S. The diesel industry is full of applications where the M11 is used. If you’re trying to find a Cummins M11 engine for sale, Got Diesel Engines is the resource you should be using to save as much money as possible.

Although production ended in 2009 for the M11, this straight six motor can still be found through some suppliers. Owners of Freightliner or International trucks likely know of the power of the 10.8L design. Engine buyers who have no interest in upgrading to the newer ISX series will appreciate the reliability of the Cummins M11 motors for sale here online.

Review Specs for the Cummins M11 Engine

Before you plan to buy, reviewing the specs for the M11 can be a big help. Not every Cummins will be compatible with all trucks. There are iron heads used on the 10.8 blocks. A turbocharger is included and the entire engine is water cooled. There can be some confusion about which M11 is which when reviewing Internet engine retailers. The early M11 Cummins motors had a different fuel pump attached. This was later changed and the CELECT and CELECT Plus names were added to the engine stamp.

Engine replacements for an M11 happen frequently with long haul freight carriers, bus owners and motorhome owners. The sheer size of these 300 to 500 rated horsepower motors makes them handy in larger motor vehicles. Mileage is always the key after prices are explored for used Cummins engines. Paying too much for a high mileage engine can be a mistake as a consumer. Got Diesel Engines continuously seeks out the lowest prices to offer to consumers.

What to Know Before Buying Used Cummins M11 Engines

There are 102 Cummins M11 engine fault codes that are possible using an OBD II reader. A person experiencing Cummins M11 engine problems should be sure that a replacement motor is needed and not a repair. The ECM, EPS and intake manifold error codes can be common in motors that are not serviced correctly. Problems have existed in the past for larger Cummins motors related to the ECM and O2 sensors although have been remedied in recent builds. It is completely safe to buy a used diesel motor for any Cummins compatible vehicle on this second hand motors resource.

How to Buy Cummins M11 Engines for Sale Online

Locating a diesel motor in the Cummins brand is not easy when using only auction websites. Most sales that take place between retailers and distributors are unseen by consumers. Protection in the auto industry has blocked most consumer sales of diesel motors. The preowned diesel engines that are for sale through GotDieselEngines.com are ready for shipment and always feature a lower than average count of mileage. These used motors are fully warranted.

It is important to note that a price is instantly viewable using the consumer price quotation tool from this very webpage. The prices are updated each day and include information about freight deliveries. This provides any person who is researching how good a Cummins motor is once installed with a ton of information. A quick quote line is installed and is accessible toll-free in the U.S. Every question about inventory is answered and a sale can be arranged easily.