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Used Cummins L Series Engines

The L10 diesel was built in the year 1982, but was replaced in 1998 with the M11 series. Fans of these blocks appreciate the huge amount of power in the cast iron builds. Due to the versatility of the 8.9L, it has been placed in a number of heavy-duty vehicles. The best place to buy a used Cummins L Series engine is on this page.

The Cummins 8.9 engine is a little confusing to understand. It was been sold as a straight 6 diesel as well as a natural gas edition. The late model ISL G is the natural version of the original L10. With a 543 CID displacement, plenty of performance is available in automotive applications.

Specs and Oil Capacity

A turbocharger is included as an OEM original. The oil capacity in the L Series Cummins motor is about 5 gallons. Someone who is experiencing an oil leak or other issue might want to check their dipstick for errors. A hole in the pan could be the cause of oil dripping out.

The 2200 RPM is the top speed for the 8.9 L10. Depending on which build is purchased, a range of about 250 hp up to 400 hp is possible. It is more common to find a firetruck or motor home engine at the top spectrum for performance in the L10 Cummins engine.

Used L Series Warranty Term

Whether someone buys here at GDE as a consumer or for a business, people get treated exactly the same. There are no favorites when it comes to dealing with people. Each person pays the same price and gets the same warranty length. Nothing is sold in the domestic market without a coverage option for stock parts.

Buying an L10 Cummins engine for sale is a good value. The only negative thing that someone could find is high mileage. It is almost impossible to get an original Cummins L motor with mileage under 50,000. GotDieselEngines.com tries our best to find units that feature more than acceptance mileage counts.

Buy Second Hand Cummins Engines

You know the horsepower. You reviewed the specs. It is time to get the most fair pricing that is available. Please use our free of charge locator tool on this page. We double check our inventory and our supplier stock levels. This always results in a much lower price structure. If you want to call by phone, get in touch with our super friendly sales team right now. You will not be disappointed in our preowned Cummins diesel engine inventory.

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