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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Cummins K Series Engine for Sale

The K series engines by Cummins are used in many applications. Some people use them for mining equipment. Other people use them for pickup trucks. There is a growing industrial market for the very used Cummins K series engine inventory that we sell here. When you are shopping for long-term performance, choosing from our stock of motors is a very wise decision. Buy here and pay less.

There are many different model numbers of the diesel K blocks. The K19 was a popular truck engine used in full-size trucks. Cummins literally has hundreds of model numbers. Spec sheets were distributed with each unit to inform potential buyers of the horsepower. Depending on where the builds are installed, power is a little different.

Used Cummins K Motors

People have to be cautious when dealing with any Internet retailer away from GotDieselEngines.com. There are hundreds of people selling rusted Cummins engines on eBay and other websites. A very small percentage of dealers even care about a warranty plan. All preowned diesel engines by Cummins sold here are fully covered.

There are some Cummins K engines being used in marine applications. These are usually geared different and have optional parts installed. These are not meant for an installation into a truck or other piece of machinery. Regardless of a buyer, every long-term warranty we provide is backed by our company and suppliers.

High Torque K Engine

There needs to be a special amount of torque in a diesel engine for it to be maximized. Companies like Chrysler through its Dodge brand believed in 6-cylinder blocks. The agricultural and business divisions have been producing good motors for many decades. People want the torque, good fuel economy and long-lasting parts.

The parts warranty applied to what GDE retails is for the OEM components. These are not modified parts, and the former owners are all verified. What is harder to estimate is the actual mileage that a build has on it. We do our best to validate this through our supply companies that fill our warehouse up.

Buy Cummins K Series Engines Here

By using the power of our database, anyone has the ability to lookup pricing. What we have is the only SKU numbers displayed. We are not here to sell you something you will never need. A couple of selections need to be made in our system to get a quote. This takes well under a 60 second time frame.

Call us right now. We have a toll-free number for support services. Let us get you a special price that might not be listed on this website. We are often able to undercut other dealers that might be selling the same used K diesel motors on the Internet.

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