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Cummins ISX15 for Sale

ISX is a diesel engine type that is found in heavy-duty and larger on-road trucks in the U.S. Cummins introduced this brand of engines as its primary straight six leader. There are different classes of vehicles using the Interact System technology to provide diesel power. Got Diesel Engines is a popular resource to acquire Cummins ISX15 for sale inventory.

Cummins has made deals over the past several years that have helped get the ISX15 and other series inside of all heavy-duty trucks used on American roadways. The Freightliner, Western Star, International and other semi trucks now specifically rely on the diesel power of Cummins motors.

Buyers hoping to find deals for used Cummins motors can explore the remaining inventory found on this website. There is more than one type of diesel Cummins engine offered for direct sale.

Specs for Cummins ISX15 Engines

The actual displacement of the ISX15 is only 14.9 although is rounded off for marketing purposes. There are a total of 912 cubic inches inside the block of the 15 series Cummins. A new aspiration system was installed in this series known as the variable geometry turbo. This now partners with the XPI system as part of the total combustion features. The dry weight of the ISX15 is listed at 3,186 pounds.

The rated horsepower is 400 at the max of 1,650 RPMs. There is a governor that controls the speed to 2,130 to prevent overloading of the engine. The listed combustion ratio of the Cummins ISX diesel is 18:9:1. These motors were made for pure power and are still common in buses, freight trucks and motorhomes. Snagging one of these motors for an excellent price can reward a person with decades of usage.

What to Know When Buying ISX15 Cummins Engines

There are new builds available after 2010 that include different electronics in the ISX series. The fuel economy has been improved by as much as two percent on average. The performance of the ISX15 has made this series a go-to motor for most class 8 semis. Cummins originally offered a long-term warranty with most motors although these are usually expired for most motors that are found on the Internet. The GotDieselEngines.com company current provides warranty support for any used ISX diesel motor.

Where to Buy Cummins ISX15 Used Diesel Engines

Sales processed through this website are meant to provide a fast way to complete a purchase. A person does not have to call and speak with an order specialist. The precise quotation tool that has been installed on this website saves time as well as money. Any person can request the accurate price of a used Cummins motor while using this definitive system. All second hand inventory in stock is priced using this manner for consumers online.

There are used engine support staff that offer helpful support offline. The call center connects any caller to a trained expert who knows Cummins ISX engine technologies. This can be helpful to tap into when validation of mileage or other information must be obtained before a sale takes place. A complete quote in price plus information about warranties can be obtained during a phone call.