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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Cummins ISX Engine for Sale

Buyers of replacement vehicle motors will find the Cummins ISX engine for sale at a super low web price here. ISX is a technology produced by Cummins in the U.S. to support fuel economy in modern motors. The 1998 year was the first year of development for the Interact System technology. Changes to EPA emissions standards created room in the motors market for fuel technologies.

The original design of the ISX motors consists of a dual overhead cam build. Instead of the standard Bosch fuel delivery system, a high pressure injection system was created. This helped to boost the overall levels of horsepower that are found in post 2001 Cummins brand diesel engines. The ISX Cummins motor replaced the outdated N14 as the new industrial and highway vehicle leader.

Quality Used ISX Cummins Engines with Full Warranties

The fuel saver technologies found in the Cummins ISX builds helps class 8 truck users save money on fuel costs. The range of 400 to 565 horsepower does not drain the fuel like some earlier models. A person who is starting to search the Internet for Cummins motor replacements will find that not every dealer is able to provide a long-term warranty. Each full warranty provided with ISX series 1998 to current year engines in stock is attached for no cost.

Buying replacement Cummins motors for fleet or industrial applications should be easy but it is not. There are many high mileage and worn out editions that are sold through auction sources. The standard and signature series used motors that are provided through this GotDieselEngines.com website are complete units. This means that a jake brake is included as well as an overview of each unit to confirm quality and mileage.

How to Buy a Used Cummins ISX Engine for Sale

Buying a diesel motor from this resource is a simple to complete process. Every purchase completed here starts with a qualified price quote. The digital finder right on the top of this page gets every buyer started. What is distributed through this tool is the actual price that purchasers will pay. This includes the cost of freight. Any core charges required will be included in the price quotations that are delivered.

Cummins is one of the top brands in America for good reason. What this means for buyers using this website is that quality is guaranteed. A quote is optionally available by telephone during regular hours of business. Any fleet engine or industrial motor that is in the Cummins build can be quoted in the same manner. Experts in the motors industry for diesel assemblies answer all questions and provide a positive engine buying experience.