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Used Cummins ISV5.0 for Sale

The ISV5.0 engine from Cummins is a joint venture with Nissan. This V8 build is one of the newer blocks in construction. Because of the lower price, people are drawn to this smaller 8-cylinder version. Due to its compatibility in the auto industry, the Cummins ISV5.0 for sale on this website is in demand. All inventory is used unless stated differently.

5.0-Liter V8 Diesel Specs

The original plan was to involve General Motors in the creation of the ISV for Ram trucks. When the plans feel through, the development continued with Nissan. The 4-valve per cylinder design was born. This motor reaches up to 275 horsepower.

A governor is installed to prevent blowing the engine. The RPM rate is locked in at 3400. The standard Bosch high pressure common rail fuel system is included. There are ceramic glow plugs in the ISV5.0 Cummins. The configuration is a DOHC edition.

The chain drive is pretty standard on large cylinder blocks. People who seek an accurate review of the newer blocks are often worried about engine trouble. The shipping weight across North America is about 804 pounds.

Buying Cummins Truck Engines

While associated with medium-size trucks, there are other vehicles that utilize the late model V8 design. Everything from motorhomes to school buses have the diesel ISV5.0 build under the hood. This versatility keeps the interest alive in alternative fuel power.

GotDieselEngines.coms promotes its full inventory here online. There are various horsepower versions of the 5.0-liter available. Depending on the installation, a person might want to double-check a VIN number or block stamp. This is usually completed with a call to our service department prior to ordering.

Price for Used ISV 5.0L Motors

Quotes are generated automatically here. Through a private network, GDE is able to negotiate better prices for our inventory. This does mean a lower MSRP for consumers. Tapping into our system is simple and easy for anyone with a PC or mobile device.

Offline contact does take place with our team through a toll-free number. Stop paying high eBay prices for used diesel truck motors today.

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