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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Cummins ISM Engines for Sale

The ISM is a heavy-duty engine by Cummins. It is manufactured to be installed in a range of large vehicles. By highway and regular on-road usage is possible with the Holset turbocharger. When a person shops the secondary market, inventory can vary. Got Diesel Engines offers used Cummins ISM engines for sale on a nationwide basis.

Types of ISM Motors Produced

Some manufacturers have only a few blocks to choose between. In the case of the ISM series, each unit is built with a specific horsepower range. The ID number or block stamp on the motor identifies the power level. All blocks are 6 cylinders.

1. 280
2. 310
3. 330
4. 350
5. 370
6. 410
7. 500

A C brake is included on all stock OEM models. With a high amount of rocker arm torque, the motors are built to last for hundreds of thousands of miles. It does take around 10 gallons of oil to fill up the block. It is relatively easy to make a valve adjustment.

Cummins Engine Buyers’ Guide

There are a lot of resources online for replacement diesel motors. Some of these are good while others are not so good. People can get taken advantage of easily. It starts with an offer for a low price. Mileage is usually way too high for the block to be of any value.

GDE has a validation system in place. This means that an expert has evaluated what is on sale. The exterior parts have been looked at and scored on a scale. This data is then given to people who inquire about placing an order. Block miles should always been known by a buyer.

Warranty Period of ISM Motors

Post 2007 builds listed as available on this page all include a warranty plan. This is to please all people. It is true that well over a half-a-million miles can easily be put on a 6-cylinder ISM. By protecting the applied parts, people can feel assured at the time of order placement.

No additional costs are ever figured into a protection plan. The single price tag that is found on every build is what a person will pay. Shipments are arranged through selected carriers in the USA and Canada.

Buy Used ISM Diesel Inventory

A price quote is a powerful thing to have. It shows just how cheap it can be to own a preowned edition. People usually get a custom quote here. It only takes the year of a vehicle and its manufacturer. Pricing is then calculated.

A full-time employee staff answer the phones daily. People who call offline during or after hours are treated professionally. We know that mechanics, scrap yards, resellers and regular people purchase our inventory. People are rewarded with good products from our warehouse.

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