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Cummins ISL9 Engines for Sale

ISL motors are a new class of Cummins motors built to serve the needs of many automotive applications. The six-cylinder design of modern day Cummins builds is now standard in the engines industry. There are resources that a person can use when researching the specs and features of an ISL series Cummins motor using the Internet. Got Diesel Engines offers a definitive source to find price tags for all Cummins ISL9 engines in used condition.

There are multiple types of vehicles that have used the ISL series motors since the year 2010. The most common application is found in firetrucks, semi trucks and recreational vehicles. What the ISL9 provides in terms of power is hard to beat on the diesel market. The true performance of this motor type has lifted Cummins to a new standard in the engine manufacturing industry.

Cummins ISL9 Specs for Replacement Engines

A cooled EGR system is found in the ISL motors. This offers complete cooling and exhaust inside the engine block. This creates better emissions standards and relieves the build up of unnatural heat in the motor. The horsepower range inside the ISL9 Cummins motor is 345 to 380. The extra boost in power is usually reserved for RVs, ambulances, buses and firetrucks. There is a rating of up to 1300 pounds of foot torque offered in the latest series.

The redline limit is set at 2800 although a governor is restricted to 2100 RPM. This preserves the power without causing harm to the components. There is a VGT turbo used on in the ISL motors and this brings the total shipping weight to 1650 pounds. A person who is going to install a replacement should know that the ISL9 requires a minimum of 6 quarts of compatible oil. This oil does not come standard in any used engine for sale on this page.

Vehicles Using Cummins ISL9 Engines in the U.S.

The standard Cummins warranty supplies up to 250,000 miles of coverage within the first two years of use. A problem for used engine buyers is that most motors found online have surpassed the OEM warranty. This means that dump trucks, haulers, mixers and recreational vehicle owners seeking a used motor can be disappointed. GotDieselEngines.com offers a long-term warranty for all used Cummins engines in stock for every motor buyer.

How to Buy Cummins ISL9 Used Engines Online

A mixture of offline and online tools has improved the sales process at GotDieselEngines.com. There are two simple and fast ways to review a price before sales transactions are complete. The first involves requesting a price for any used diesel motor available. This happens through the quote system on this page. Knowing the engine year and make is the starting point to generate each price quotation.

The toll-free number that is offered for motor buyers can be used to find out diesel pricing, warranty lengths and other essential data. This is useful for offline research or when comparing many sellers of second hand Cummins motors on the Internet. Any buyer using this resource benefits from the available options to buy a good quality used diesel engine.